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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Moments of Life

My sketches are moments in life.  Last week, my life had  time to do only three.  The rest of the days were spent worrying about Ellis, worrying about me, worrying if it was going to snow and driving would be hazardous, caring for Ellis, feeding him, bathing him, making sure he was comfortable, doing the stuff around the house that he does not as well as he does them. The week was exhausting.  The week was a revelation.  The week was extra long.  It came to an end yesterday when we left our last problem at the doctor's office.  Good riddens. 

With His Back To The Place, IN PROGRESS, graphite pencils HB, 3B, 6B, 6" x 8"

This isn't Ellis.  He hadn't come out of the inner office yet.  But I'd bet a buck this guy with his back to the place had a smile on his face as he headed for the door. We sure did.  This guy's clothing was inspiring.  I liked  how the lines of the folds described the body beneath. Rendering fabric is a challenge I enjoy.  I took a few reference photos of fully dressed patients as I waited for my guy.

The Nap,  graphite pencil General 314, 6" x 8".

This is Ellis with his hand on his belly.  Some naps, they were on his sides, Other naps, they were crossed over his chest. Napping, he was the perfect model. He never moved and never noticed I was checking that he was breathing with my little mirror.

The House Across The Lake,  graphite pencil General 314, 8" x 6".

Just home from the hospital, I could see past the wood across the lake.  Before we went to the hospital, all I could see was the spoils of lightening strikes and winter.  Now I see buds on the trees and can hear birds. 

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