Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sketching New Life




New baby on board!  A new drawing challenge with newborn features--button nose, no jaw line, puckered mouth with dominant suckling muscles,  no supercilious crest.  Her entrance into the world had been rough.  She was understandably angry.  Being cast out from the warmth and security of her home and poked, prodded, washed, cleaned and dried, her cries were strong--a joy to hear!  A nightmare to draw.  Once settled in her handmade caccoon though,  the newest Roth slept contentedly. I sketched her again cinching  our bond.  

Big brother number two, five years old, had his doubts. He had been the baby. His family really didn't need another one--but, as he looked around the hospital room, every one seemed soooooo happy.  Maybe he'd get used to this new little person?  Time will tell.  I sketched him a hug

Drawing infants doesn't come easy. You can't read about it; you have to do it.    No infants  were ever models in life drawing classes, nor were they included in one of my most treasured art books:  Figure Drawing For All It's Worth by Andrew Loomis where I learned all about body proportions, at the age of twelve--and copied every drawing in his book, until I could draw any person, male or female, at any age, free handed and blindfolded.  Mr. Loomis stopped his proportions chart at toddlers, between the age of one and four. I look forward to  my infant granddaughter rounding out my education. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sketching Life On The Run

Lazy Susan (or The Catch-All),  digital painting using my index finger, Art Rage App on Apple Mini IPad

Cereal Bowl With Spoon,  digital painting using my index finger, Art Rage App on Apple Mini IPad

OPI Smokin' In Havana Please;  digital painting using my index finger, Art Rage App on Apple Mini IPad

The CNN Addict,   digital painting using my index finger, Art Rage App on Apple Mini IPad

Toweling and Simple Green;    digital painting using my index finger, Art Rage App on Apple Mini IPad

The Brunet; charcoal pencil, Strathmore 6" x 8" drawing pad

Sunflower Birthday Bouquet; 314 General Pencil on Strathmore 6" x 8"

Big week at our house!  As a family, we're celebrating Ellis's eightieth birthday, our middle son and daughter in-law's visit, their marriage and the birth of our oldest son's third child, our fifth grandchild.  Needless to say I've been busy spiffing up the house for house guests and not doing much painting in the traditional fashion.  I've been painting from life on my mini iPad whatever was in front of me whenever I  stopped   to catch my breath. Sunflower Birthday Bouquet  and The Brunet were  my last sketches using traditional materials. Whirling around  house and town taking care of business, my mini iPad with the Art Rage  app were handier and cleaner on the run.  Oh, and I only needed my index finger.  Finer work could be done using a stylus, but that would be just one more thing to put in my purse

Wildfire, the three foot by three foot painting on the easel, has become a  less wild.  I let more light in.  However, it probably won't stay that way; I'm not satisfied yet.  Drawing continues throughout my process.   Color is mixed on the canvas. (The more color layers, the richer the painting). When the final palette emerges after a quite a few sessions,  the painting is close to being resolved.  The palette, as well as the composition, is still evolving for Wildfire.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Closed For Painting

Deep Shade, oil, 36" x 36"

Deep Shade (Summer Shade) was finally resolved last week. After taking the last years to focus on portraiture in drawing and painting--get my knee done and take out a lobe with cancer in it,  It's nice to be letting loose on the landscape.


Wildfire, oil, 36" x 36"


Rough Patch, oil quick sketch, 9" x 12"