Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lost Passion

Sketching daily yes; painting these days, not so much.  I lost my passion for the paint mediums somewhere between surgeries these last four years when graphite pencils, charcoal sticks and pencils and a knead satisfied. If a need for color presented, crayons, pastels, markers did the trick.  The need for color did not happen often.

Is this another epiphany along the way to understanding the art within? Or is it a block?    I had no idea till last week when a new aluminum easel arrived from Dick Blick that weighs just five pounds, can support a sizable, gallery stretched canvas and can easily be moved to the backyard and left there all summer.   The new easel posed  the question as I assembled it:   what are you going to do with me?  My immediate answer was to prop a large charcoal pad on its ledge.   

Mother and Child, graphite pencils in Strathmore Drawing Pad, 6" x 8"

Zelda, graphite pencil study of form relationships, 6" x 8" Strathmore drawing pad.

Tuned Out, graphite pencils on 6" x 8" Strathmore Drawing pad.     

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sketch, Then Go For A Run

Every AM first thing, a cup of coffee and a sketch--then a workout of the physical nature.  

The Newest Grandchild, charcoal and white pastel on newsprint 18 x 24

Ruby Red, graphite pencils in 6x8 Strathmore Drawing pad.

The New Maid, General 314 on Strathmore Drawing 6x8

In The Doctor's Waiting Room #3, charcoal pencil on Strathmore Drawing 6x8

In The Doctor's Waiting Room #4, Charcoal pencil on Strathmore Drawing 6x8

In The Doctor's Waiting Room #5, Charcoal on Strathmore Drawing 6x8

In The Doctor's Waiting Room #6, Charcoal pencil on Strathmore Drawing 6x8

Saturday, July 22, 2017

On The Coffee Table

Along with Frank Auerbach's Expressionism, GeorgeBush's Portrairs of Courage and the current Bulletin from Detroit's Institute of Art is a hardcover book of LWRoth's Sketches, 118 sketches done between 2007 and 2017.  I put together the book of my daily sketches as gifts for my kids.  And the Bookemon Press did a wonderful job reproducing my efforts.  They used quality paper;  the colored reproductions are true; the hard cover is laminated and the binding seems strong. I was very pleased I stumbled into this app in my Facebook Time Line, investigated and downloaded.

Got A Minute? Sketch  has 100 plus pages and is 8" x 11 1/2".  It took about three weeks for me to select the sketches, devise an order and layout the pages using the grid and margin tools.  There was some writing to do--a bio, a dedication and a preface based on my beliefs with regards to regular sketching.   If you have ever used Microsoft's Publisher, the learning curve is short.  I'd do this again--only I'd keep it short and sweet.  A printed, soft cover, smaller portfolio of an artist's work would be a great sales tool to have in your bag as you meet potential clients. A book implies importance, more so than a brochure.  It's a solid presentation.

Jump will be my next painting.  I can see the slightly smaller than real life figure on a large canvas with deep blue skies behind him.  But I am still working on Waiting At The Gate. The value of the flesh tones is my focus.  The going is snails pace, but it's summer and the garden calls.  Sketching every morning is a give in my day--mostly with a G314, but every now and then with leftover oils from the Waiting palette.  

The Water's Freezing!

OJ Simpson At His Parol Hearing 2017

The Imagination of An Eight Year Old

Drying Flowers, oil

The back cover of Got A Minute? Sketch