Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Bright Eyes, Graphite, Work in Progress, 6 x 8"

E. L., Graphite, 6 x 8", Thirty Minute sketch that took an hour plus.

Oasis, oil, 6 x 6" detail of shades of green. Work in Progress,

I have gone back to my old ways of painting when I painted slowly, deliberately, leisurely with no pressure to finish.  I'm working in small areas and taking lots of breaks to clear my head and refresh my viewpoint by going about my life's routines.   I am in no hurry.  My experience: hurrying leads to worrying.  I want  my balance back.

A balanced life doesn't make you a master craftsman, famous or wealthy.  It does make you happy, if you love a smorgasbord that includes time with family, time with friends, time at the easel, time at the drawing board, walks in the woods, cycling, reading, movies and even writing a blog every now and then.



Sunday, November 15, 2015

All out of Linseed Oil!

Stopped in my tracks by linseed oil.  There wasn't a drop to be found anywhere!  How's that for letting painting slide?  Pretty negligent, I'd say.  So I experimented with my graphite stubs.  I never used them much.  I did this whole drawing with one very dirty one.  There's more experimenting to be done--like do they still peel down to a clean tip? Or do I have to order them by the gross? Realistic graphite portraits are becoming an interest.  (TIP:  Working with a dirty stub is a lot like working with charcoal's advantage: the prosess is a play between adding and subtracting.  Of course, templates are a must have).