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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Seattle Trip: The Had To Sees


An overall view of a very tranquil place to visit. WU's Japanese  Garden is located in The Arboretum.

And a little brook ran through it.

Gurgling, bubbling down from who knows where?

Why Rhet, the magnolias are in bloom! Where the hell are they at our place?
Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn.

The koi were anything but quoi. Shame we didn't bring our fishing poles. (There's a painting in this one).

This guy might be my new profile photo. We've a lot in common--basking in the sun, moving slowly, enjoying just being still. Everywhere you go in Seattle, it's a hike.


No photos were allowed inside the Miro Exhibit, but I managed to snap a few. Don't you just love the look of museums? There's a reverence there that sooths my soul.

Miro's process; it's the one that's fun and full of unexpected surprises.

Miro himself in action painting on glass. This shot was taken off the video screen. The man is dead you know.

From same video, the man himself.


The shot I did get when the guard took her eye off me. Miro's sculptures from found objects
were amazing. They were all done casted wax process.

I found this drawing on line, but I could just have well found it in the exhibit. It is an example of the artist's works late in life. Wax crayon, ink and paper was all he needed for expression.

When I left the Seattle art Museum, I could hardly wait to get my hands on some paint. Museums do this to me--to all of us.


Dale Chihuly is alive and well and blowing glass and minds in his Tacoma "factory."
His Museum beats any piece I've ever seen of his in any museum. The stop was a must.

This is typical Chihuly. He began his career blowing these lovely glass formations.

Then came these forms. This arrangement spread about twelve feet--maybe more. It greets visitors on their way to the galleries.
Turn a corner and wow a pillar of blues says this guy is a master.

I had to take a close up. The conversation I had with my son was which piece came first? I'd love to see his "factory" and the process of building such a structure, but my dance card was full.


Drawings and paintings of glass sculptures were featured along the way.
Over our heads, was a glass ceiling holding up many shapes and forms all lighted from above.
Emerging from the black galleries, we found ourselves in a glass conservatory with
a giant glass vine suspended above our heads. This was the entrance to the Chihuly garden.
Dale Chihuly's  work is very botanical.

This was my favorite outdoor exhibit. Glass ferns and weird flowers "grew" among the real things. 
These are just a few of the photos I took, but enough for now. I do have to go splash some paint or smear some charcoal. Tomorrow: Other arty sights that caught my attention enough to stop and shoot. While I have no plans of learning to blow glass--though you can at Dale's factory--he has many assistance much in the way of Reubens, Leonardo and the other Renaissance giants--The SAM was truly my inspiration.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm still Scratching


 We're having lunch with Hank today. Hank is our grand nephew.  We've never met the youngster. I only know him through my pencil sketch done this morning over coffee. I used a reference photo, I downloaded off his Dad's FB page.

 --I've yet to acquaint myself with his cousin Max with graphite, but maybe I'll get a good shot later with his peanut butter and jelly?

 When I was growing up, everybody lived in the same town in the same neighborhood and got together all the time. Back "in the olden days," family life was tightly woven,  a richly colored tapestry of diverse souls. After seven years separation and the loss of Hank's granddad, the stitches have come loose and the colors faded. This afternoon,  we'll do some mending. 

About those shoes....

Friday, April 11, 2014

Museums Give Me An Itch


......to DRAW. Seeing  Miro, Chihuly makes me reach for a pencil. I didn't pack enough sharpened Red 314s. This is Ruby Louise a few years back. I'll meet my great niece  in person for the first time Saturday. She's eight now I think?