Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thirty Minute Comeback


Out of practice, but energetic enough to take out the easiest to get to supplies and put in a few minutes. A few minutes here, a few minutes there add up. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

While Ellis Was In The Kitchen, My House Was Falling Down


Then The Soldiers Came, oil,  9" x 12" or there about. 

Ellis and I are feeling down. I guess that's why this painting from my files spoke to me.  The buildings  are a wreck  and so am I. Recovery really is going to be six, long, colorless weeks like the doc said.  I can't help thinking Ellis should have married a younger babe. Then he'd be dead by the time she suffered the ravages of a life lived carefree of consequences--instead of being in the kitchen preparing her breakfast.

(Ellis didn't like that paragraph. He wanted you to know. The fact that I wrote it, shows the guilt I am feeling for being a burden.  Voicing that, I plan to shake it off by stepping up my walks. I get short of breath easily. That has to be dealt with more aggressively than blowing the Airlife. I made a resolution; I hope it doesn't kill me).

And I painted this gestural painting one Sunday afternoon a few years ago. My reference was a Time magazine photo of war torn streets in I-forget-which-country-was-being-brutalized-by-which-country at that time.  The destruction of the houses made me cry for the folks who lived above those shops, cry for the total destruction of their homes, their lives, everything in ruins. And it goes on as refugees flee ISIS. What is the matter with us?  It's time for the World Federation to put those Klingons in their graves.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Art is for Others To Decide

With a good night sleep and hope for brighter tomorrows, I took a look through my watercolors. The paintings looked so happy, energetic and alive. All had been done for fun, playing around with color and water. No prethinking. No preliminary drawing. No fancy watercolor tricks; I don't know any. Never did. I want to do more like this--using that no method method. The art in these is for others to decide.