Monday, September 26, 2016

Back At It!



Finished What I Started in 2014. (About time)!  It was a long haul interrupted by my own timidness and a few health issues.  Seen in this translation, I see a spot of flesh is missing.  I won't say where. And I won't be showing you this again.  I'm sick of it!   I have titled it ironically:  A Kodak Moment.

Next on The Easel to finish:  Ruby.  The dishes and utensils need washing.


Reference for new Painting has been graphed, canvas is prepared and ready for action--nothing more vigorous than scumbling.  Venetian Method it will be.  I do like the calmness of working slowly and deliberately.  (The stripes in the photo were a gift from my printer, Fritz).

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Dare

This little girl kept me busy off and on all week long. The daring look in her eyes, the tangles in her hair, the way the shadow of a window pane shaped her face and chest kept pulling me back to take another look, make another pass.  Ease up on that mark, bear down in this area, get rid of that.    I'm still not sure I got down what fascinated, but I'm as close as I am going to get.  For now, I say I'll take a breath,  but I know  I won't be coming back.  

" Eureka that's it"! seldom happens with me and my art.  "The end",  "Finished", are absolutes I never reach.  Mostly, I just stop and walk away. That unfinished, unresolved state used to annoy the hell out of me.  Now, I know better:  I love starts!  I jump out of bed in the darkness of early morning to watch the sun celebrate the rise of a new day. The sunrise brings a fresh start. Sunsets, as beautiful as they are, do not.  They call time-out.  After so many marks made, paintings and drawings started, worked then set aside, I suspect  my masterpiece just might be that pristine white, blank canvas--or the next clean blank sheet of paper in the Sketchpad waiting till morning?  Unmarred and perfect, they dare me to keep going, keep trying, keep jumping up eager to catch the first rays of infinite promise.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Getting Back My Moves

A long recuperation from my partial knee replacement did nothing good for my art.  Where I did think I would have a fine time drawing with my pencils, I hardly drew at all.  All I could think about was getting my moves back free from pain.  Slowly, with many physical therapy sessions followed by many more icing sessions, my leg responded favorably.  I got to the point I could get down the stairs to my studio and lose myself in the paint for a couple of hours.  

I didn't choose to start anything new, but rather went back into a painting I started a long time ago of my three sons.  My first finish had been unsatisfactory: they looked like an amateur's rendering of three guys. That was not at all what I was after.  I had wanted to paint them not as they appear, but as they related to one another. They don't; They harbor childhood resentments. I wanted to get the ugliness of those resentments down.  I never did. As their mom, I had difficulty destroying  their likenesses to reveal the ugly truth.  After three, free wheeling paint sessions, perhaps I should have left them alone?  But after a summer with no paint under my nails or staining my cuticles, I had to choose a painting I thought needed pushing. 


As they are now after three paint attacks--and probably a forth?  

As they were after the first unsatisfactory finish.

When not trying to destroy my boys this last month, I did managed to actually use my Sketchpad to sketch.  Up till now, I was drawing mostly and sketching rarely.  To me: A drawing is a finished product with everything resolved.  A sketch is a learning tool, a way to poke a subject and find out just what is in it that interests you?

In Progress: A is For...

A thumbnail exploring the draping of sheets over a sleeping figure.

A still life because it was there and so were my pencils and sketchpad.