Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Moments of Life

My sketches are moments in life.  Last week, my life had  time to do only three.  The rest of the days were spent worrying about Ellis, worrying about me, worrying if it was going to snow and driving would be hazardous, caring for Ellis, feeding him, bathing him, making sure he was comfortable, doing the stuff around the house that he does not as well as he does them. The week was exhausting.  The week was a revelation.  The week was extra long.  It came to an end yesterday when we left our last problem at the doctor's office.  Good riddens. 

With His Back To The Place, IN PROGRESS, graphite pencils HB, 3B, 6B, 6" x 8"

This isn't Ellis.  He hadn't come out of the inner office yet.  But I'd bet a buck this guy with his back to the place had a smile on his face as he headed for the door. We sure did.  This guy's clothing was inspiring.  I liked  how the lines of the folds described the body beneath. Rendering fabric is a challenge I enjoy.  I took a few reference photos of fully dressed patients as I waited for my guy.

The Nap,  graphite pencil General 314, 6" x 8".

This is Ellis with his hand on his belly.  Some naps, they were on his sides, Other naps, they were crossed over his chest. Napping, he was the perfect model. He never moved and never noticed I was checking that he was breathing with my little mirror.

The House Across The Lake,  graphite pencil General 314, 8" x 6".

Just home from the hospital, I could see past the wood across the lake.  Before we went to the hospital, all I could see was the spoils of lightening strikes and winter.  Now I see buds on the trees and can hear birds. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

At Last!

I've been spinning my wheels since Thanksgiving--since my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer.  It wasn't bad spinning them fussing with watercolors in Mexico, but here, at home in the gray of winter, painting was too demanding.  Concentration was lacking.  So I sketched nearly everyday mostly with a General 314 graphite pencil in 6" x 8" Strathmore sketchpad.  I worked fast and loose.  I had no patience for exerting control. Control demands calm.  I've been anything but calm.

--Until today.  Tomorrow, (Valentine's Day),  is my Valentine's surgery.  In twenty four hours, calmness will return.  At last, that tiny tumor will be history--but not sketching.  I'm looking forward
to some fast sketching in the waiting room and by next week, a loving few of honey sleeping on the couch. 

A disgruntled Republican, 6" x 8"

Senator Elizabeth Warren, 8" x 6". This gal is nobody's "yes man".

Waterslide, 8" x 6";  After all the political heads, a change of pace.

Juggling Under The Big Top, 6" x 8";  a change of pace exploring figures in motion.
The circus maybe a good subject, now that Barnum and Bailey's is no more?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Scrutinizing "Women" And Sketching Who's Who

Senator Susan Collins, R, Maine and Senator Lisa Murkowsky, R, Alaska. Two Woman opposed to
Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education; she favors federal funding of privately run  schools.  She is not
an educator. She is unqualified.  She is a large contributor to the Republican party.

Rex Tillerson, President Trump's Secretary of State.  He was the first Trump appointee who spoke to the people as
a whole; didn't use words like dude, hombre, or really fantastic, didn't brag of his past achievements.  He had charisma and diplomacy, something that has been not seen in Trumps buddies.  He is a product of coporate America who rose to the top of Exxon.  He struck me as being fit for the job. 

Steve Bannon, Trump's  former campaign advisor  now in the White House as his political advisor.  His previous
occupation was CEO of Breitbart News, a white supremacist leaning news organization.  Trump has currently appointed him
to the National Security Council which is strongly opposed by everybody but Trump. 

Attorney General Sally Q. Yates who banned the ban Trump levied on immigration and was fired for choosing to follow the law instead of the President's directive.   In a government teeming with "yes men", she said no.  Now a few other judges are saying no.  The constitutionality of the ban is likely to be disputed all the way to the Supreme Court.   

New Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch, graphite 4" x 6.  Well educated, well respected. Said to be on a par with deceased Justice Scalia. 

There's no better way to familiarize yourself with new leadership than by reading all their backgrounds and then spending a few minutes  sketching them, before making more calls to Senators to voice my opinion--of which I have many.  That's how I've been spending my mornings as Ellis and I twiddle  fingers waiting for his surgery next Tuesday.  The anxiety of what lies ahead  has definitely cooled my desire to paint, but I have managed to scrutinize  my gals Waiting At The Gate.  They need taming.  Simplifying.  Lightening up.  And fading out.  It's an ambitious painting, one that demands concentration at a time when my concentration is elsewhere.  Short sessions will have to suffice.

Ladies are now sitting on a bench,  not in separate seats.  One passenger has been removed and another is on his way to being a  directional, compositional blur.  The gal listening in will be played down, the back of the long bench will be lightened up-- along with the women's' apparel.  More squinting and evaluating, then painting.