Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thirty Minutes With Henry

Henry With Allison

A thirty minute. six by six inch, sketch of the day. My thirty minutes with Henry, my dear brother in-law who passed away way too young. My niece published this photo on FB. I immediately downloaded it. This young dad reading to his young daughter is worth more than a sketch. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pinch Me!


Aquamarine seas, sand and palm trees, a daydream that will become real in two weeks.  Pinch me.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

What's With The Angles?

Monday, Tuna Fish,  9" x 9", oil on canvas panel. I'd rather paint it than make it.

Another little alla prima painting to loosen up.  My patience was worn thin the last few weeks.  I might have over done little brushstrokes and tight drawing using paint? Tight drawing was and is for pencils. I did a few during my half hour of quiet time  using graphite or charcoal pencils and a new angle popped up. Where did that come from?  Maybe from Schmid?  I told you I would be percolating after the last months studying different approaches to painting.
Mrs. Dick Tracy. Charcoal pencil.  The angular style that suddenly showed up  prompted the title. 
You have to be my age to know who Dick Tracy was--or have seen the movie with Warren Who?
Beatty. Fun movie derived from  an old comic strip favorite.
A difficult gal to draw, but I keep trying. Graphite.
Angles in the hair.

More angles here....hmmm??

If you find the photographs blurry, it's not your glasses. It's a sign I need to put new batteries in the camera. Today, out with friends, plenty of wine and good food--not tuna fish! I'm thinking of calling my little still life series Just Stuff.  How just the stuff is, it isn't.  But the insignificant stuff lying around the house waiting for us to do something about it, is definitely convenient for painting from life with little effort.  Little effort is what I'm after--that my angle. What's yours?