Thursday, July 30, 2015


Greektown, downtown Detroit, Oil on canvas board, 11" x 11"
A change of pace cityscape.  While I love tree forms, I also like the  busy geometrics of urban areas.  This is the Laikon Cafe on Monroe street in the Greektown area of downtown Detroit. The street was being repaired when I took the reference.   

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hillpoint Woods

Hillpoint Woods; Oil: 36" x 36"

Another painting that stood waiting months for tweaks, twists, scrapes, smears and emotions to spill out the truth of how I see the woods in fall. My vision is full of love and hate.
Fall is a phenomenally beautiful lie. The light is golden, the trees flame red under the brilliance of clear ultramarine sky--BUT the season doesn't fool me one bit. Cool North winds will blow away the splendor, cover lawns with decaying debris, chill bones and weigh hearts down with loathing for the winter snows to come. Maybe that's why it took so long to finish?

Signed and hung where it belongs:


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sleepless In The Bloomfields.....

And going through my paintings and drawings on paper when I came across watercolors I wouldn't have thought were mine if they weren't right there in front of me. I was surprised and impressed. I never thought I was much of a watercolorist, but the washes and wipes made me think I should fiddle more--at the seashore. :-))

Calm Seas, watercolor, 9" x 11"
Lost At Sea, watercolor, 9" x 11"

I don't think artists should ever throw anything away.  Trashing any disappointing effort is too Impulsive.   It's better to toss them into a drawer or stash them while you re-coop behind the furnace at the back of the cellar .  The discovery months, years later, often delight and affirm that any pursuit of craft had been worthwhile.  --Some clunkers will still be clunkers, but others will fill you with awe that you did them-- and wonder whether you could do them again?  But then why would you? You're not that person anymore.

This colorful splash of pastel made me wonder why I let pastel dust turn me off.

Summer Grasses, pastel, 6" x 8"