Friday, December 19, 2014

Just Water In A Bucket


Still life in a spot where life is constantly on the move.  As our day of departure creeps closer, the hotel staff is preparing for throngs of people who are expected Sunday and Monday.  The week between Christmas and New Years is the busiest.  Many lounges have been added to the pool area. New casitas are being constructed. The Cancun tourist business is about to boom--without us.

And while I'll be sad when I step off the plane into the cold Sunday,  I'm not sad about going home--even though cold chicken sandwiches will be our fare well into January and I'll miss those chips and the sea green sea. 

I need plain food. I need to feel the deep warmth of my red walls. I need to cut my fingernails and play Beethoven badly. I need to process the hundreds of photos I took of strangers while the washer beats the sand out of my windbreaker. I need to sit in my studio and contemplate what am I going to do with that larger than life, Venetian self portrait? I need to not need to put on lipstick!

 I am looking forward to New Years Eve and Jeff Daniel's concert in Chelsea--and seeing the Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo exhibit at the DIA while others bake in the sun. Doses of the beach and sea are as refreshing as the water in that bucket, but only part of the meal.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Painting!


Ellis was still asleep. Everybody in the hotel was asleep. So I set up my watercolors on the coffee table and did my thing my way. Not a single drop of color got anywhere it didn't belong. Yesterday, I 'borrowed' a couple of very nice petit hand towels from the ladies room, which worked much better than cocktail napkins for soaking up excesses. I can now let the housekeepers throw the flowers out as they wanted to two days ago.  The painting is a little overdone, but that was to be expected from someone who was on the brink of going mad due to paint depravation. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blogging, An Addiction?

No. Writing is. A couple of days ago, I said 'till next year,' suggesting that would be my last post of the year.  The very next day, I broke my promise when I broke through my 'block' and got a pretty fair start on a floral.  The truth is I love writing as much as I love drawing, painting, photography and playing the piano.  Not a day goes by when I don't do one or all of those things.  

Today was no exception. I photographed the plate of chips, salsa and guacamole they serve us in the casita. I thought it would be a nice subject for a free hand WC--but I didn't get to it.  Instead, I broke my win streak in two suit Spider Solitaire ( brain exercise) while watching the waves curl and treated myself to a massage, (spiritual and physical renewal).  I was such a dishrag afterwards,  I had no desire to lift a finger.  So, I did nothing--except write these lines after dinner.  

I'm totally addicted to self expression--in one form or another--at home or on holiday.  Though Ellis has refused to tote my stuff one more day, I will manage.  Without one art or another, my day just isn't my day.