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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Waiting in Waiting Room Sketches

Waiting rooms are a bore especially if you're not waiting for your appointment, but have brought someone  to the doctor for theirs.   A chauffeur these last two weeks, I waited with a sketch pad, a few pencils of assorted leads, a knead eraser and my iPad camera, for future reference. I prefer the iPad's larger format over the Smartphone, which does take sharper pictures, but one device is enough. I am not that interested in accuracy as much as I am in capturing the expression, the body language, the mood.  My favorite graphite sketching pencil is the General 314 used as if it were a piece of vine charcoal.  My sketching style is both additive and subtractive. a soft lead and the knead are my main tools.  A bridge is handy too if you work all over the composition as I do and dislike palm drag.

This sketch became a drawing when I went back into it to better render the man's clothing.
I loved the way the light hit the folds of his clothing.

This guy could be Steve Bannon, but he's just a guy filling out his health forms.

My grandmother would describe this man in Yiddish as a langalux, a long noodle.  I didn't get
that effect as well as I would like,. I tried it again and was a bit more successful, but
a third time is definitely in order.  He would make a nice tall, narrow painting.

Taking Dad to the Urologist.  Daughter and elderly father caught my eye.  At last I saw a guy who was older
than us.  Actually, the place was filled with old guys whose prostrates were adversely affecting their urinary flow--or needed Viagra?  It was uplifting. We were only on a one time only post-op trip, but seeing the bustling waiting room, I might want to return for more sketch-able subject matter--but I don't think so.

This man must be really familiar with the waiting room at the Hospital Imaging Center.  He was nestled down into his parka sound asleep.  Was he waiting for someone and didn't bring his sketching materials?  Or was he so used to this place, he was catching a cat nap before his CAT scan? 


  1. Great drawings, Linda! I'd love to know how people react when you are sketching (or photographing) them. Do they know?

    1. Some catch on. Some don't when using provincial art materials. But I always take a photograph first to freeze any action in case there is a reaction. The most successful sketching done on the spot is best done using a stylus and a sketch app on the iPad. No one has a clue then. I imagine they think you're gaming? For some reason I don't understand, artists still frown,on using digital methods to keep eye and hand sharp.