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Monday, February 13, 2017

At Last!

I've been spinning my wheels since Thanksgiving--since my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer.  It wasn't bad spinning them fussing with watercolors in Mexico, but here, at home in the gray of winter, painting was too demanding.  Concentration was lacking.  So I sketched nearly everyday mostly with a General 314 graphite pencil in 6" x 8" Strathmore sketchpad.  I worked fast and loose.  I had no patience for exerting control. Control demands calm.  I've been anything but calm.

--Until today.  Tomorrow, (Valentine's Day),  is my Valentine's surgery.  In twenty four hours, calmness will return.  At last, that tiny tumor will be history--but not sketching.  I'm looking forward
to some fast sketching in the waiting room and by next week, a loving few of honey sleeping on the couch. 

A disgruntled Republican, 6" x 8"

Senator Elizabeth Warren, 8" x 6". This gal is nobody's "yes man".

Waterslide, 8" x 6";  After all the political heads, a change of pace.

Juggling Under The Big Top, 6" x 8";  a change of pace exploring figures in motion.
The circus maybe a good subject, now that Barnum and Bailey's is no more?


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. A big worry, but hopefully today's surgery will bring a Valentine's gift of healing. Modern medicine performs many miracles so I'm praying for another one for you. So glad you've kept drawing - you have my admiration.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about you hubby!!!!!! I will be praying for him and for you on a quick recovery!! I love your sketches Linda!!! There's always so much expression and movement in your pieces..

  3. I am so sorry to read about your husband's illness, Linda. Wish him a speedy recovery. I always enjoy your sketches, love the circus subject!

  4. Good drawings, Linda, they all have such power.

  5. Your sketches never looked so good... love the one of Warren.... I am so sorry about Ellis's issue... keeping fingers crossed....I can imagine the whirlwind u are going thru... ((HUGS))
    Sketch away, it will help immensely.

  6. Linda, I wish Ellis a most speedy recovery! I completely understand and empathize with those spinning wheels - been there twice in the past year - painting definitely not on the agenda.
    Take care of yourself, Linda, and again all the best to Ellis.