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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blogging, An Addiction?

No. Writing is. A couple of days ago, I said 'till next year,' suggesting that would be my last post of the year.  The very next day, I broke my promise when I broke through my 'block' and got a pretty fair start on a floral.  The truth is I love writing as much as I love drawing, painting, photography and playing the piano.  Not a day goes by when I don't do one or all of those things.  

Today was no exception. I photographed the plate of chips, salsa and guacamole they serve us in the casita. I thought it would be a nice subject for a free hand WC--but I didn't get to it.  Instead, I broke my win streak in two suit Spider Solitaire ( brain exercise) while watching the waves curl and treated myself to a massage, (spiritual and physical renewal).  I was such a dishrag afterwards,  I had no desire to lift a finger.  So, I did nothing--except write these lines after dinner.  

I'm totally addicted to self expression--in one form or another--at home or on holiday.  Though Ellis has refused to tote my stuff one more day, I will manage.  Without one art or another, my day just isn't my day. 


  1. Hola Linda,
    Yummmm! I enjoyed that wonderful photo and as soon as I finish this comment, I'm heading to the kitchen where a small bag of leftover tortilla chips are screaming my name. Michele always makes them whenever she prepares two large taco salads for dinner. They are addicting, no? Si!!!!
    Your self-description sure sounds a lot like me, substituting a ukulele for the piano. Great post.
    Have another great day tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Gary. Si. Those tortilla chips are very addicting--too addicting. More Linda will be going home than the Linda who arrived. I might have to consider running a marathon! Nah! Dancing in front of an easel will have to do.

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je pense que la cuisine est un art complémentaire à la peinture ... J'adore cuisiner !
    Je n'ai pas la chance de jouer du piano mais je suis entourée de pianistes autour de moi...
    L'addiction ! Quel vaste sujet !... Oui, je suis dépendante : de la couleur, de la découverte, des bonnes odeurs... et tout cela sans cesse renouvelé...
    Quelle belle maladie alors !

    Je te souhaite de très joyeuses fêtes à toi et à tous ceux que tu aimes...
    Avec plein de gros bisous ❄︎ ♡ ❄︎ ☃ ❄︎ ♡ ❄︎

    1. Yes! I did forget cooking , the most immediately satisfying art of them all. When a painting isn't going well, the kitchen and putting together a sumptuous meal satisfy my creative urge and renews my determination to conquer whatever went wrong at the easel that day. Artists are multi talented people in a number of creative fields, but we all have our favorites--or do we love them all? I think I love them all.

  3. I fully understand the way you feel life ...
    I think that for those who feel this way, blogging is a true gift.
    Enjoy your holiday!

    1. This feeling of having to create something daily or the day isn't right, lets us know for certain that we are indeed artists. BTW, sometimes I resent this urge that pesters me and makes me feel sad if I don't act on it.

  4. I write more than I paint ... but I don't play a musical instrument (wish I did) but love music.

    Good to see you are finally relaxing: as far as you ever can ... which isn't saying a lot :0))

    Just going to look at your last post ... which I missed.

    I really value the critique you give on my stuff, many thanks. God bless!

    1. Sorry if I offended, but sometimes, we can't see what is missing because we're too involved. If you prefer privacy, send me an e-mail and just know that just because I commented, doesn't mean you have to publish it. I would understand.

      The masseuse found two gigantic knots in my shoulders! I knew the Venetian had made me tense and the fact that I hadn't brought the right watercolors had aggravated me, but I didn't know how much till she started working them out. I should have gone sooner, but I do hate to miss a minute of sunshine and sea.