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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where Is Everybody?


Everybody went Christmas shopping, but me--and Ellis.  It's 8:30AM.  Ellis is on the beach waiting. I stopped to admire the palm tree leaves.  The Ritz Carlton, Cancun is one of the oldest hotels on Kukulcan  Boulevard. It's one of our favorites. Everything you could possibly want is "My pleasure." 
The heavy winds the last week moved us away from the pool to a casita on the beach. It was a smart move. 


Ellis likes shade. Me too. We both love the sea and it's right out there. We both hate wind and it's blocked out. That beach bag on the table has nothing but art supplies and water bottles in it.  Ellis thinks I should take responsibility for my own stuff and tote it to the beach myself. I didn't say yes.  I didn't say no.  I'm thinking...

I'm also considering leaving the watercolors out and taking only my markers instead.   I got a good start using them on the flowers in our room this evening.  I would have done more, but Ellis didn't trust me not to splash paint all over the furniture.  He knows me too well. 



  1. You and Ellis showed the only serious common sense in avoiding the shopping. This time of year is torture in the shops. Your wisdom has rewarded you with peace and quiet by the sea, bliss.

    1. You bet Mick! Next week this place fills up for Christmas to New Years week. Everyone but us will be rushing down to throw their paperbacks on one of those lounges before they go to breakfast. At home, the streets will be clear of traffic. I'll do our laundry. We'll have a fire on the hearth and chili on the stove and I'll shop bargains online. Later, we'll amble down to the DIA and in peace view the Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo Exhibit. New Years, we're going to The Purple Rose Theater to kick off 2015 listening to our native son Jeff Daniels sing and play the Banjo. The Purple Rose is Daniel's baby and we support his efforts at this wonderful small theater in the round that gives young and old play writers and actors a stage.

  2. I went shopping (in 1974) I like Ellis, you need him to keep your feet on the ground!! Pat keeps me pointed, when I tend to drift off my compass bearing ... which is often.

    Online shopping is so big in the UK these days.

    We have Carl (from Colorado originally Chicago) and my daughter arriving for Christmas today. My niece and her French husband tomorrow. My granddaughter and her Australian husband can't make it from down there, and my youngest son and Japanese wife are in a sulk over something or other ... otherwise we would have a United Nations Christmas. I know your not the same religion as me, but we are both ALL about family ... and that's where it's at!!!

  3. Love the flower arrangement study, Linda!