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Friday, December 2, 2011

When My Paint is Drying

I'm cycling or I'm practicing Beethoven's shortest Sonata, Sonata No. 25 op.79. I've been practicing it for eight years everyday. It has three movements. I've got the second movement down pretty good. The third is coming along too. The first, the Presto alla tedesca, is the most challenging. But others have mastered it, and so will I given enough time. Fingering, flexible ring fingers and a whole lot of hours practicing is key. Andy Cinnamonbear seems to have accomplished that. Note the notes his teacher has written on the music. They are the same notations I've made on mine as I have struggled to teach myself while waiting for paint to dry.


  1. Oh you play the piano -- lucky you!

  2. No luck involved. Coerced by parents into daily practice sessions for eight years as a kid. Sold the piano as young married lady living in a contemporary house; it didn't fit in with my new decor. Missed it as soon as it was gone and years to follow. I bought myself another as a 60th birthday present, bought all the books I had as a kid and been practicing since. The piano is a wonderful way to keep hands and forearms strong and memory sharp. It's also an excellent instrument for alleviating stress. I was an idiot Agnes for ever parting with it.

  3. Amazing! I could really relate to this post. I spent years trying to perfect one piece and finally quit out of frustration. Someone with more fortitude than myself will have to perfect Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater.

  4. What-the-hell is "peter, peter pumpkin eater?" Is that another challenge I have to take on? My cup runneth over.

  5. Hi Linda.
    You are not only a brilliant painter but also a brilliant Musician as well. I do admire all Musicians. I use`to play the classical Guitar, but I gave it up and I am still kicking myself for doing that. My wife plays the Keyboard and she is coming along fine. I can see you certainly can read music, she is prety good at that also. Keep playing Linda. You play beautifully. Well done and all the best.

  6. Vic I WISH that was me playing. It's Andy Cinnamonbear. I found him on YouTube. He gave me hope that with practice I will master that muy presto Beethoven tune. When I do,I will make my own video for I will want to leave a record of that for my kids.

    I used to play the classical guitar--folk music mostly. "Hang on Sloopy, Hang on" mostly--and "Blowin' in the Wind. You should take it up again, it's such great fun. You and your wife could make great music together. Don't forget I bought my piano for my sixtieth birthday. I couldn't play a chord in the shop; it took me two months to loosen up fingers that had stiffened with the years, but loosen up they did. As I write, I am waiting for 8 AM to come round. I want to practice, but I'm being considerate of my next-door neighbor who told me she could hear me even though my piano is located no where near our common wall. Jump in the water's fine and it's such a hoot.