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Monday, November 28, 2011

Counting Down The Days

While you all were out at the malls racking in those Christmas bargains, I shopped on line. I spent $129.00 with two clicks.My first click bought me a 3.4 oz.bottle of Dior's Dune,amazingly from Amazon, previously just my place for kayaks and books. My second click stocked me up with 140 packets of Neilmeds and a new netty pot to wash away the nasties that block my sinuses and give me headaches like the one that saved me from the woman who pepper sprayed everyone standing in line at Walmart to get the XBox. The Christmas spirit sure was in the air in the marketplace Black Friday. while I was home safely shopping cyberspace and counting down the days.

Lunatics in the mall is probably what gave the day after Thanksgiving its bad name? The stock market crashed on Black Tuesday in 1929 and that wasn't good. Lunatics in the malls isn't good either. But Honey says I've got it all wrong. Black Friday is a great day: Merchants hope for black ink in the profit column of their account books; consumers hope for getting great bargains. From the headlines today, everybody got their wish. I'm not convinced. I still think we'll call the day we open our bills in January "Red."

Till then, I'll continue my surfing and clicking. Today for swim suits and cover ups and Pumas and swim watches free shipping. At my computer, I'm counting the days till the car comes to pick us up for the airport. I have ten days,seven hours and fifty minutes, (as I write) till Cancun. My main chores for this 11th day is to get my noodle out of my car trunk and see how it fits in my suitcase with Mr. Wilson, my water volley ball, my painting equipment, my hats. While the hotel has a fantastic exercise room, they don't have a stationary bike except for the ones they use for the spinning class, which hurt your butt and don't do much for your neck and shoulders either, as you hunch to get nowhere in a hurry. My swim noodle will let me painlessly pedal through the water to the edge of the infinity pool to gaze out over the aqua-marine Caribbean Sea gently rolling to shore where new cabanas have been built on the beach at the Ritz, (Wilma took the old ones when she blew through).

It's hard to think about painting when I'm daydreaming beach, but if there's time in between clicks, I will mix up some Titanium White, (my present mix has been polluted with Alzarine) and add a few strokes. All trivia aside, I am an artist after all and Winter needs more shtick. I've added more violet. Now it needs more white. Wildfire made me take another look at the painting. All that dead foliage out there just doesn't look quite trashed enough for a Michigan winter. Plus there's some yellow in the snow and not a dog in sight!

NOTE: The featured watercolor painting, Beach Bag, was done last year or the year before? But it's still a painting of my favorite stuff and all of that's pictured will be in my suitcase with my noodle. What am I going to wear besides a bathing suit? Shorts. Beach toys take priority.


  1. You never seem to slow down; I guess you'll take a break in Cancun.

  2. Oh I don't know Hallie, I move pretty slow. Along with my swim noodle, (which did fit in the suitcase as I knew it would), I'm taking markers and watercolors and pens. I do love sketching by the pool, playing Suduko and reading. I was serious when I said there may only be room for a pair of shorts by the time I finish loading up my passtimes (toys).

    I'm feeling pretty energized these last weeks with regards to painting. I wasn't kidding when I posted I've abandoned my insecurities and inhibitions. Seventy one in January in the last quarter of the game,it really comes down to if not now when and if not me, who? I've stopped looking at others' work and making judgmental comparisons. That's them. This is me. Take it or leave it.

  3. Black Friday is not for me Linda. I am not really a mall lover anyway.

  4. Me too, Agnes. I do go, but only when I know what I want and where is the closest parking space to where I can get it.