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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wildfire Continues to Rage...

unchecked. No one has time to even think about putting it out; they've been busy cooking.
My contribution to the family feast tomorrow is a Candy Kugel the way my mom and grandmom made it.I'm pretty sure we don't need another starch, but I didn't make it for the Jewish New Year, so I made it now--in spite of being on a strict diet in preparation for Cancun in two weeks--in spite of the fact there was no Jew-food at the first Thanksgiving when the pilgrims thanked YHWH, (God's proper Jewish name), the Indians took pity on them and taught them to grow corn. It's a shame their ancestors didn't reciprocate the native Americans' kindness until they let them build casinos.

HAVE A LOVELY,SAFE HOLIDAY! I'll be watching Miracle on 34th Street (the old version) and fanning my fire till over the hills we go.


  1. Candy Kugel? so what is the sweet in it? I've had the traditional Kugel that my neighbor made and it was one of my faves besides the latkes.

  2. It has butter, sugar, cinnamon, raisins, apples and chopped walnuts. It's really more of a dessert (noodle pudding) than the traditional kugel,which is made with sourcream. If you want you can serve it cold with caramel sauce--or warm milk--or both. I've never done that.

  3. Your painting and your kugel look great. I've never had candy kugel but I like the one made with apples and raisins.

  4. And I just read your comment listing ingredients--I guess we like the same kugel. It is more of a dessert.

  5. My mom called it a candy kugel, so I figured it was a candy kugel. I think it's more of a dessert than a side too Hallie, but I've never served it that way. Noodles as a dessert would have struck most of the people I know as weird--though how is a noodle pudding any different than bread pudding? They're the same starch as far as I'm concerned. I'm anxious to see how it "sells" at the TD buffet tomorrow.

  6. OMG - Where have I been!? I've missed so much! So busy, little time to comment, but I think the nondescript title of your blog would pop up and I didn't related it to you. I started wondering why you weren't posting. And you were.

    Kugel - I can taste it! Brings back memories of my grandmother. I think I'd like it even more now since I've become something of a cinnamon fanatic.

    I love the way the wildfire is coming out - wow - it is powerful already! And your season paintings are excellent. Love the brush strokes and combinations of color.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Have a piece of kugel for me. I'm stuck with this here, mmmmmmm, pumpkin pie. Yes, it'll do.

  7. I do have a nondescript blog title Dan. I didn't get into blogging to set the world on fire; I got in it to formulate a personal habit. I modeled my title from "Word for the Day." In high school, we had an assembly every morning where we were given a vocabulary word to learn; at the end of the semester, there was a test. Increasing our vocabulary was the school's serious objective. The program worked. I called my blog that to get me to produce a drawing a day, to get myself back into making art. It worked--so well the initial incidental drawings pushed me back into painting where Iactually wanted to go. And here I am: stuck with the name of my blog. (I did drop the word day from the header, as I was painting more and drawing less). A reborn artist, I'm thinking of having a website now as the drawings and paintings are piling up.

    Thanks for stopping by and verbalizing what's been on my mind for quite a while. You've given me a shove in the right direction.

    I will not have a piece of kugel for you as thanks. I am determined to keep my Thanksgiving Day dinner kosher (healthy). But do enjoy your pumpkin pie--with whipped cream I hope?

  8. Hi Linda.
    Surely Wildfire is completed, It looks it to me, It`s brilliant Linda.
    You talking about Candy Kugel, What with all those beautiful paintings of Cakes and the candy K`, It is a wonder that you are not at least 20 stone and full of Cholesterol, I would be if I ate all this sweet stuf Linda. All the best.

  9. Candy Kugel... mmm, sounds sweet... Someone wrote pumpkin pie... sounds good...

    I got most things for the meal, but I forgot about dessert!! What was I thinking - hang on, I wasn't! But I don't think we'll go hungry today!

    Happy Holidays.

  10. Victor I just paint the pastries, I don't eat them--I don't eat Kugel anymore either; all of it is too sweet.My tooth is for salty stuff-- mostly potato chips, but alas I have to avoid that too or suffer vertigo attacks. The only vice I have left is a glass or two of white wine with loads of ice to cut the acidity.
    Aint aging grand!

  11. Evelyn I did manage to get away from dinner with a tiny taste of this and that (not including Kugel, which did go over extremely well with the rest of the crowd unlike my cranberry sourcream jello mold last year). And I didn't have any of the pies others brought. I think we can all pass on desserts.

    With swimsuit time just two weeks away, my lips are sealed tightly shut--particularly when Honey has accused me of lightening up on my healthy eating the last two years and that's why my jeans are tight. While he made me angry, he was right. I think I was having a self-pity period after the fact of my BC experience. I'm back to the straight and narrow now. Hope to see my fighting weight by Spring.