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Monday, December 5, 2011

Alive and Kicking

Three more sleeps--that's how my sons counted down the days till we went on holiday when they were kids. That's how I count down the days too. I never did lose my inner child and it's as strong today as it was when I was a kid.

THIS IS WHAT I PAINTED THIS MORNING: The color is my favorite OPI "Smokin' In Havanah." It's a Chinese Red, the same color as the walls in my front hall.

THESE ARE SOME OF THE "TOYS" I'M PACKING: Two cameras, art supplies, Suduko books, and a book on marketing art on the internet I've been saving to study. I'm also taking a novel. I am not one who likes to veg-out and nap. Except for on the plane, the books may be overdoing it?

WHAT SHOULD BE EXTRANEOUS BAGGAGE IS THE PILLS ONE HAS TO TAKE. You'd think that on holiday, one could forget about the drugs that collected in the med chest reminding you daily that you're falling apart!

ALL OF THIS HAS TO BE PACKED OVER THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS. Thank G-d, the kids haven't paid us a visit and the guest room bed is free.

HERE'S WHAT WE'RE LEAVING BEHIND. Winter has arrived with all its gloom. The real thing doesn't quite look like the painting I'll finish tomorrow when I say goodbye to my plants.

THE SUBJECTS I PLAN ON PAINTING WHILE ON HOLIDAY: sandy beaches, the Caribbean, blue skies, wet-into-wet--maybe with people thrown in for spots of interest--maybe not?

ANTICIPATION IS EVERYTHING. The days before a holiday are as exciting as the holiday itself when your inner child is alive and kicking. Lucky thing being an artist--a shite job, but a spiritual blessing.


  1. Have a great one--I hope the vacation is as smokin' as those toenails.

  2. You lucky people...I love holidays, my inner child is always up for hols! Hope you get all that reading done and lots of paintings - look forward to seeing the results:)

  3. Thanks Hallie. My twinkle toes can't wait to wiggle in the sand.

  4. Holidays are such great fun--too much fun to study How to Sell Art on the Internet. I've eliminated that one and will just take a paperback novel to read on the plane. At night before bed,I like to watch movies in Spanish rather than read. It's amazing how quickly I start to pick up the language.

  5. Fabulous. Yeah, sure is exciting.