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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yesterday The Weather; Today Sweets Three


I like moving from painting-in-progress to painting-in-progress. I think it's important for me. It stops me from getting too serious about any one of them and possibly overdoing. Fall is looking very close to done. I laid it out on the floor with Spring and Summer as I biked (again indoors due to rain and wind)and it is consistent in color and handling and composition. Observing them from my perch, I recalled this drawing I did earlier this year. It has potential and may be compatible with a few adjustments? Though pedaling in place, I felt I might be getting somewhere with my Four Seasons project.

I spent the afternoon feeling out the palette for Sweet Choices #3. I was still standing at the easel, but it's time to clamp it into the watercolor easel, sit down and zero in on what makes those blobs pastries. Sitting down to paint has never been my style, but with this subject, seated is the way to proceed.


  1. I love the look and feel to this!.. The chocolate looks so rich... Everything looks so fluffy and gooey...

  2. I do like how you shift gears (pun intended!) from representational to abstract. I also like to have more than one project going at once. When I sketch with my art pals on Tuesday we sit...otherwise I am definitely a stand-er!
    I admire your indoor pedaling. I should be doing the same... :)

  3. Chris this chocolate is a mix of dioxinine purple/raw umbra/quinacridone crimson/Hooker's green (I wasn't aware that hookers wore a lot of green)/yellow ocre and cadmium orange. Nothing yummy here. It's the yellow ochre and cadmium orange that turns bitter sweet chocolate to milk chocolate. And that's the recipe to whip up the next time you have a sweet tooth, but are watching your diet. LOL.

  4. My shifting gears from abstract to representational art is what has bothered me for a long time as a painter. --As a designer though, my ability to move easily from traditional styles to contemporary has been a big plus. I like wood mouldings as much as stainless steel.

    As a painter, I would love to achieve some form of consistency Celeste. I admire yours--although your last couple of landscape paintings with strong contrasts of lights and darks is a different step for you and surprised me.

    I do like to stand at the easel best. My whole body gets into the brush strokes and slashes and splatters. Sitting, the art gets more uptight, which may or may not be a plus?

    As for pedaling indoors, if you have a bum knee you want to keep those leg muscles strong. You do what you have to do. I'd rather do it outdoors, but as the weather becomes wetter, I move the bike in and onto a stationary stand. Cycling in place is a great thing to do during drying times, which I find so disruptive when I'm on a high energy streak.

  5. Hi Linda.
    Another yummy comming up, great. It`s looking good Linda. I`m awaiting your Fall one now. All the best Linda.

  6. Dear Vic, Yes, Fall is a dab away from being finished and Sweet Choices 3# is coming a long. Pastries aren't as easy as foliage--especially those hard chocolate mice smack dab in the middle of this composition.

  7. Your cakes are looking yummy.

    ps. Just threw away a tray of chocolate cupcakes which I made this morning. It was either the fault of the rising agent which expired or the recipe. I am sure I measured everything precisely and followed all the steps... sigh. Am thinking of starting again with a Nigella Lawson's recipe...

    Have a nice weekend Linda, Happy Painting.

  8. So Evelyn, it's as tricky to bake cupcakes as it is to paint them. I didn't know a rising agent went into making cupcakes. Are you saying the recipe called for yeast or something? I thought yeast only went into bread?

    Happy weekend to you too. I think I'll stay out of the kitchen and just paint sweets. --We had a piece of pumpkin cheese cake yesterday to die for. I'm having eater's remorse today. Pumpkin cheese cake isn't very colorful--actually quite plain. Not good for painting; plenty good for eating.