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Monday, October 24, 2011

Three in The Afternoon

And I haven't gotten to the studio yet. I wasted my day.

As soon as I became adjusted to the fact that I was an artist and no longer a space planner, an old client jumped out of the woodwork wanting to remodel her laundry room. Being a laundry expert with many years of on-the-job-training, I agreed to look at her space. It was a mess--cupboards crammed with duplicate cleaning products, a closet I couldn't open because it was blocked with her rather extensive and expensive shoe collection, another cupboard crammed with circulars and other junk mail and a floor littered with vacuum cleaners parts, buckets, brooms and mops. The room was a real challenge just to measure. But measure I did, and left with her directive to KISS, keep the remodeled laundry/walk-in pantry simple. She didn't have to say, "Inexpensive." I got it with the word "simple."

And so I've spent this Monday doing my laundry and hers. My laundry came out fine. Her's not so good. "Simple" wasn't all that inexpensive; it never is. Nor was it quick. As soon as I had my designer's hat on again, I started seeing the space totally remodeled efficient, functional and attractive--and of course I had to draw it up and price it to see what efficient, functional and attractive would cost. Too much. I pitched the drafts in the trash and followed the client's wishes, which was no fun at all, no challenge, no big money to be made and therefore, a distraction from really getting my whites as white as I like them.




  1. So, the client wasn't too thrilled about your idea? Bet yours was more efficient and logical... To concede w/a client doesn't sound too good, I would of told her I couldn't do it and that she should find someone who could- I bet when its done she will have wanted to take your suggestion.. oh well, its her money. Cash that check

  2. I really like the laundry drawing(s)/painting(s). I don't know whether I'm looking at one work or two. Very energetic--nice.

  3. Well, that sounds trying! I like the sketches, however. Your client-person sounds like she is an older person with a hoarding problem. They have a hard time actually making changes! I have a tendency to hold onto old shoes too....but mine are under the bed, not in the laundry room (thankfully!)

  4. No, the client has seen my grand idea for her laundry/WI pantry space and she won't. She will see the inexpensive plan (Wednesday), because that's what she she asked me for. It was me, Chris, who wasted my time yesterday by seeing what I really could be do with the space given a carte blanch budget. My wasted day was my fault. I can't resist the challenge of making a space the best it can be--no matter the cost.

  5. You're looking at one work Hallie. I did a loose painting of just colors before starting dinner. Then after dinner, ran and got my pens and actually sat down and sketched in the laundry basket. Then during Law and Order, I went back in again and added a bit more color. This is a piece-meal piece. It's energetic because each session was a rush.

  6. And I love your too Evelyn. They are not done as haphazardly as this one was.

  7. I can imagine how you felt... If I was your client I would of asked for something more 'middle of the road'... remember that adage :You get what you pay for (?) its so true... Don't blame yourself- cuz then you are blaming yourself for showing your creative side. I think creative people see the potential in things that most can't or won't.

  8. She's not an old person Celeste. She's just very well off and shoes are her thing. The thinking of keeping her shoes in the laundry room, which is next to the garage, comes from the practice of putting them on before she leaves the house and taking them off when she comes back. She's Asian. that's part of her culture--but I don't see his shoes... Makes a certain amount of sense though. No street dirt tracked on the floors.

    I too have a collection of shoes, but they're in my WI closet close to my long mirror where I can see which pair goes with what. In my laundry room, there's just laundry coming in to be washed or going out ready to wear, very utilitarian.

    The interesting part of my day was it pointed out how I haven't quite made the transfer from space planner to artist. I felt badly about not having made it to the studio where I am making an effort to be as prolific as you.

  9. The way you describe her utility room... it sounds just like mine. Such a mess.
    Your sketches are amazing :-)