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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Painting in the Rain



Over the last three weeks high winds and rain storms have blown Fall away. I'm glad I caught the reference photograph when I did. --This dreary Fall would make a more interesting painting; it wouldn't be pretty and it wouldn't be a lie. Shades of gray is how I feel about this season before Winter. Nauseous is how I felt about that hot pink background I used for the last post.

--Aren't you glad I did away with it? Pink is the color of madness (Itten)--maybe that's why it's associated with breast cancer? I sure went mad when I was diagnosed September 22, 2008 and didn't snap out of it till October 23rd when I woke up without the girls, relieved and cured as far as I was concerned.


  1. This is SUCH an exciting piece! I have been away from art for quite a while. Busy with kids and horses and photography. BUT I am cleaning the art room (my daughter took it over for a year but is now away at school) and I am getting it back! I am SO excited. I will be back to look at what else you have done, (my in-laws are visiting this weekend) but I HAD to tell you this is vibrant and so rejuvenating!

  2. I'm so glad for you--and to hear from you! I can't imagine how I would be if one of my kids took over my art space--well yes I can. One did come home for a bit (with his cat) when he maxed out his credit card. He bunked in my office, (pull-out couch), for a year and once again, I was tripping on his giant shoes in the foyer. As much fun as it was having him around again, I did resent not having my space. I was the first to help him pack his stuff and load the car when he finally had paid off his debt and rented his own place.

    Glad you're back Margaret. You were doing terrific things--with horses and poetry. I look forward to visiting your site.

    Thank you for your compliment. I don't usually see the woods as a fairyland place all pink and yellow and violet. The gloomy photograph is more accurate, but this is the third panel on a Four Season painting; the first two panels set the tone.

  3. Your new Fall painting is amazing. The light!!! Wow, you have got that! Pink is an interesting color, that I find useful. When I sit still and observe a landscape to analyse color, there is a lot of the clouds...shadows...cast sunlight.

    Great work! And thanks for the mammogram reminder.

    Wishing you continued health and enthusiasm.

  4. Thanks Nanina. Yes, as mad as pink may be to Itten, the color is an excellent blender and connector. The odd thing though is I usually see the spring landscape tinted by pink and the fall one tinted by yellow/gold. Not that day. Thank you for your best wishes too.

    As scary as my experience was and still is if I think about it too much, I should share the whole story with women. The mammogram is a very important screening test, along with regular self examination and an examination by your gynecologist and maybe even your internist too. If you have cystic breast as I did, you can't get too many opinions. Cystic breasts have a tendency. Had the gene test been around, I might have done that too. I am an adopted kid who came with no owner's manual. LOL