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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Best Plans...

Yesterday's activities had been planned out: studio from the early AM till eleven, get dressed in paint-free clothes, run two errands, meet the "girls" for lunch, home, blow up new exercise ball, paint till wine time. Everything went accordingly till I got to "blow up the new exercise ball."

OMG talk about exercise. Pumping that thing up put a sweat on my brow and an ache in my biceps and trapezius, not to mention my knees. My idea was to use the ball in place of a chair at the computer so I wouldn't slump. The added benefits were: I would also strengthen my back, my lower abs and my leg muscles--kill lots of birds with one big rolling stone.

What was killed though was painting session two. By the time I got the ball pumped up to its full 65cm size, all I could do was crawl to the couch to do a Suduko puzzle. What you see below is as far as I got with Sweet Choices #2: a bit more color, a bit more definition. Lucky for me, today is totally agenda free. (Can you see Sweet Choices #1 in the background of the ball pic? That's my observation wall. So far no corrections or additions need be made on that one; I'm liking it).


  1. Oh Linda :-) Thank god for comfortable sofas :-)

  2. LOL. I sat on the thing for fifteen minutes working at the computer and then put my chair back. I felt like I'd been working out for hours and all I'd been doing was typing! I rolled the thing down to the exercise room where it will stay.

  3. Hi Linda.
    It`s coming along beautifully. I would be more than happy with it as it is, brilliant. I hope your Ball works for you, but it doesn`t seem to be does it? All the best Linda.

  4. Pastries on display are fun paintings to do, Vic. When everything around you is very serious, something that brings a smile is absolutely necessary. --The exercise ball as chair was a bit too funny; I sent it bouncing down the stairs to the exercise room and pulled up my usual.

  5. great looking desserts...I want one!

  6. I did laugh out loud. How funny. Love your blog by the way.