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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adobe Flash Brain Cloud


I was in no mood to watch paint dry. I kept layering it on--sometimes thickly, sometimes just a wash. I was glad to be back in the studio where there's nothing perplexingly tricky. Just me and the paint and BB King,(who I Face Booked to ask him if he enjoyed painting together every afternoon as much as I did). The following tale of woe will explain my very loose handling of the paint. You can listen to the video, or not. But I do wish you would; I got a horrible brain cloud getting it into this post.

This video is a really big triumph for me: it's here and I can download more if I want.

Since last week when I closed a post with "There's always going to be something with you; isn't there Joe?"--a Meg Ryan line from the cult movie Joe Versus the Volcano--I have been trying to download any You Tube Joe video and couldn't. Somehow Adobe Flash, an included feature with Google Chrome, was suddenly not enabled and I couldn't for the life of me find out how to do that till yesterday. For others who have had this same problem suddenly take over their lives, and who have wasted days reading help forums that only pose questions and never provide answers, here's what worked:

Type in About:Plugins in the very top Google Chrome address bar; click details in the upper right hand corner of the page; find Flash and click enable. Close Google Chrome and restart.

This information came painfully--lots of trying to download Flash, lots of uninstalling and re-installing Chrome and Flash Installation, lots of getting rid of all downloads (after the horse left the barn) that may have poisoned my system, lots of security systems telling me lots of stuff was wrong with my computer. BUT I DID COME THROUGH AND EMBED A CLIP FROM JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO AND HERE HE IS THANKING GOD FOR HIS LIFE. I'm thanking God for Flash, being back in business with You Tube, and in the studio where I know my way around.


  1. I love this painting in progress, Linda! Like the desire for sweets, the desire to paint... Ciao!

  2. These sweets cases are really something else. Great work from every standpoint--composition, color, brushwork, execution, concept--quite a winner. Where did you get the idea of sitting on an exercise ball--fantastic! Of course if I tried that it wouldn't be long before it blew up and me with it.

  3. That's a wonderful thought Cristina! It never occurred to me. It's the colors all mixed up, all delicious looking, happy and the textures like paint squeezed from the tube, wetted just a little and whipped onto the canvas and moved about like icing on a cake. I really am enjoying this subject.

  4. Sweet for the sweetest--that does really leave me out, but the subject draws me to the studio glad to be there. And that impetus was what I was looking for.

    I tried sitting on the ball working on the keyboard for about fifteen minutes. When I got up, I felt like I had worked out my legs and abdominals for an hour. I rolled it down the stairs to the exercise room where it belongs and brought back my chair. BUT: for people who sit at desks/tables for long periods of time, the ball is a terrific exercise break to correct your posture and strengthen your back, legs, abdominals. My son sits on one; he's a developer for Microsoft. I never have to tell him to sit up straight. Balancing his rump on the ball requires that.

  5. Hi Linda.
    You didn`t say whether this painting is completed or not, only phase three. thats not important, what is important ( To me )is that I let you know that this is a masterpiece. Normally, if I see these cakes or pastries in a shop, I don`t particularly fancy them, but looking at your masterpiece, I could easily gobble them up, no problem at all. Not only are you a brilliant Artist, but also a comic. you really do make me laugh with your explaination of your paintings and anything else on your blog, more please, and thank you. All the best Linda, and keep posting please.

  6. You're very kind Victor. The painting is still in a work in progress--the cherry center of that torte still needs to be cherried up, the other torte needs topping. tightening up and detail work done loosely. I don't eat these things either; I just take their photograph. My sweet satisfaction is achieved in the painting.

  7. OK. I can't tell you what problems you have caused for me. I watched your segment - and I did not know that movie - but I love Meg Ryan, so all these clips of Meg Ryan appear, and then lo and behold my favorite movie of all time (Yes I am a Guy) "When Harry Met Sally", and I watch part 1 while I work on a painting. That leads to Part 2 and Part 3, etc., and my god, the entire movie is on You Tube! Your fault.

    I love the rich swirls of paint, as rich as any icing. Your painting is coming along beautifully. Really neat seeing the stages. I was really interested in the first neutral washes.

    I once read that you can't be fit, and be a painter. You'd be sacrificing one for the other. Great idea. I think it might take me 5 years and 2 heart attacks to convince myself to do it however.

  8. Dan you might like Joe Versus the Volcano too. Meg Ryan plays three different parts in the film,each one very different from the other. Like I said, it's a "cult" movie--if you're into shaking off "brain clouds," believe that the right luggage can save your life and are game for taking risky leaps. I did like When Harry Met Sally, but it took them forever to realize they were right for one another. I watch Sleepless in Seattle though when ever I happen to surf on by.

    As for exercise, I dance when I paint-- to BB. King, when I'm feeling mellow, or I step up the pace with The Eagles, the Stones, Elvis, Beatles, Everly Brothers, even Johnny Cash and Jimmy Buffet, (Everybody's on the Phone is a favorite). With brush in hand, I'm always moving and my brush strokes bounce with the rhythm. Great cardio. Great way to erase thinking from the creative process. Too much thinking blocks the flow. Waiting for layers of paint to dry, I cycle; Wind chill factors clear the mind and spirit as you glide downhill no hands, coattails flying.