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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall In Morning Light

REFERENCE PICTURE PERFECT: Pale pastels-- violets, yellows, magenta, pink, blue grayed glaze over background. This may be just the reference I was looking for? It's got my head thinking: lay down the palest of pink grounds, go from there. Perhaps a sketch first in pastels? My day's planned.

Observing the Spring panel and contemplating the Fall panel over the summer. I started to think these two season should not be as brilliant as Summer. I started thinking about the overall tonal value of each season: winter being the palest or darkest, summer being the most vivid and brightest, each panel being a gradation of that season's light... I have work to do.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, THIS IS MY PROPOSED FOUR SEASONS QUADTYCK. Spring and Summer exist, (upper two paintings). Fall and Winter, below, are in the planning stages (while I'm whipping up a few new pastries on the side):


  1. I like the idea of a series like this, however, what about doing six of each of the four seasons? That way you could explore without all the tension of having to execute the quintessential solution, and look at all the crazy combinations you could show? That's some wonderful camera work--way beyond photography. "Eyepopping" comes to mind.

  2. You're right Bill. Over the last months, however, I'm not so sure landscapes interest me twenty four times over. I got back to painting painting flowers. They are quick and colorful and invite spontaneity. I got tired of them quickly. Every woman paints flowers much better than I do. I'm better off playing this out and then drawing conclusions. The worst that can happen is that I end up with four individual landscape paintings that may or may not relate to one another.

  3. Wow, such pretty autumn colours, and I know that's just the beginning.

    Happy Painting Linda.

  4. The colors are pretty. If there's windy days though, leaves will skip turning and just fall. So far, so good.