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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ragweed, Unemployment, My Next Life.

RAGWEED; 9" x 11"; water soluble markers on Strathmore Drawing paper

What could be better?

With the ragweed in full bloom and nine percent of the work force being out of work is hardly anything to celebrate on the worst holiday of the year: Labor Day. This out of work gal with a sinus headache to end all sinus headaches labored. I did laundry, went cycling in the cold rainy mist, pre-prepared four dinners, (one for tonight, the others to freeze),rinsed my sinuses no less than three times over the days, began a painting and dashed off a couple of twenty minute drawings to commemorate my painful end of summer.

Draw things you love--that interest you--that saddened you--that make you angry. Draw your passions. This long tedious weekend, I was passionately in love with my Neilmeds; they saved my life. I cursed the ragweed skirting the yard but drew it anyway. It is a beautiful flower.

The the author of the book I finished, I'm Over All That,doesn't really get her beautiful life. While I agree with Shirley Maclain that there is life on other planets in some universe beyond ours--and there are extraterrestrials --and it is possible, (but highly unlikely, since they didn't stay to visit after making such a long trip), that they have come to take a look at our real estate in flying machines not made at Lockheed, I don't think we've lived many lives at various times throughout history. The math doesn't jive. The numbers of births since civilization began have been a doubling if not tripling, if not quadrupling, since we developed thumbs and stood up on our own two feet. The people who are alive today simply outnumber the people who are dead. Nobody's coming back Shirl. This is it and you did good.

In the here and now, loose, expressionistic compositions relating to subject matter, but not shackled by it, is what interests me. My art interests me. The interaction of the colors of the obnoxiously beautiful ragweed yellow mixing with the wild grasses in shades of green, blue, violet is marvelous to see. In my next life as a kangaroo, I might miss those fascinating subtitles. I'll be too busy foraging for food and avoiding predators--maybe from outer space?

**Photograph: Sunrise, September 3rd, 2011, 7:00 AM more or less.


  1. Your bottles are very nicely drawn. A welcome sight for me, since I'm feeling a bit under the weather - lack of sleep!

  2. Melatonin for jet lag; 3 milligrams, available at the healthy food stores.
    You must really have it; you've really been on the go.--I was thinking of you Evelyn when I drew those bottles--there's a little of your style in that fun little sketch of important paraphernalia when sinus hits big time.

  3. Yup, melatonin is great.

    Hope you're feeling better Linda :-)

  4. You draw well and you have a nice sense of humor!

  5. It's funny about melatonin Agnes, you tell somebody about it--like my Honey--and they don't believe you. They think you're talking snake oil till you're wide awake having a great time at the party in the Pacific Time Zone and they're sleeping in a chair still on Eastern standard time. Stuff works.

  6. Nice to meet you Mary. Thanks and thanks. I try especially when times are crummy and the rain keeps pouring and the sinuses keep filling and water keeps seeping out your eyes and no one can understands why you're laughing as the tears roll down your cheeks. A smile, a chuckle, an out right belly laughs beats these dark days. Grab them where you can. Thanks for visiting.