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Monday, September 12, 2011

As If We Could Forget

I remember where I was on nine eleven.I was driving home from a meeting with a client when I heard over the radio that a jet plane flew into the South tower of the World Trade Center. I thought it was a horrible accident. I turned on the television as soon as I walked in the door to see what happened; it was on every channel. Then, another plane flew into the North tower and I knew it was no accident. We were being attacked and my country would be at war.

I relived those hours last night when I watched 911 Ten Years Later, a live recording of the event. If you missed it, this is a remarkable film, a reminder of why we declared war on terrorism, of why I have no respect for the statesmen who deny today the invasion they voted for ten years ago, of why I respect the awesome bravery of our firemen who were able to pull only one survivor from the carnage, but
saved 20,000 people that day 343 of their own died along with some 3000 innocents.

The documentation of that event was accidental. Two film makers, (one, a fireman), were documenting the training of a young firefighter, Tony Benetatos, when the towers were hit and the video became something else: a live recording of a horrific event.

And the deaths go on ten years later as toxins breathed in from the debris are killing members of the rescue teams and most likely civilians too that were close to ground zero that sunny September morning.


  1. We should never forget, it should be a reminder to all of us who did not become victims... To be more grateful than ever for what we have, to make peace w/those we are estranged from.. Life is to damn short..I watched the same film as well...Also saw rhe ones where the two guys followed Firehouse 1 around.. their original idea was to follow a rookie fireman but it ended up being about 9/11...

  2. This link is to that film Chris. It was amazing that the guy held on to the camera in the tower even as it began to collapsed and they had to get out. The strobe light on the camera seemed to be the strongest light they had. I woke up thinking about what I had seen and wrote this post instead of the art post I had planned. After that film, my art was very insignificant.

  3. I cannot make sense of it - how, why, what.... I mean, it's just horrific... I saw an animated film where a father lost both his sons, a fireman and a policeman last night. It was only 10 minutes but sad nonetheless. I don't think I can sit through a live recording of the event.

  4. That's what I thought Evelyn. I didn't want to watch it. It was too horrible a day. Then I changed my mind and switched channels. An act of war had happened. What made us think we were so invulnerable, so dumb, when we knew we had crazy enemies in this modern world of rapid transit? The death of these innocents smartened us up and renewed our patriotism and resolve. I didn't want to ignore those people.