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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Out of The Ashes

Commenting on my post yesterday As If We could Forget

Evelyn said...
I cannot make sense of it - how, why, what.... I mean, it's just horrific... I saw an animated film where a father lost both his sons, a fireman and a policeman last night. It was only 10 minutes but sad nonetheless. I don't think I can sit through a live recording of the event.
September 12, 2011 9:39 PM

And I responded...

That's what I thought Evelyn. I didn't want to watch 911 Ten Years Later either. It was too horrible a day. Then I changed my mind and switched channels. An act of war had happened. What made us think we were so invulnerable, so dumb, when we knew we had crazy enemies in this modern world of rapid transit? The death of these innocents smartened us up and renewed our patriotism and resolve. I didn't want to ignore those people.
September 13, 2011 8:37 AM

And the country hasn't. The World Trade Center Memorial, no longer to be referred to as ground zero, i so very beautiful. It opened to the public yesterday and is now on my travel list.

Shopping the videos,I liked the quiet of this animation video. I thought the silence appropriate for a burial site, a place of remembrance, a peaceful place to pause reflect and re-energize.

And this designer especially liked knowing all about the design and the building of this elegant memorial from the architect, the artist, himself.


  1. I will be in New York next week - will certainly check it out.

  2. ps. Thanks for sharing the videos - good to know a little about the background of the design.

  3. My pleasure Evelyn. There's also a big DeKooning show at the MOMA I've got on my To See list. I've got till January 9th to convince "Honey," to expand our travel budget. Always something! I envy your travel.