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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Never Get Enough of That Wonderful Stuff

For some odd reason, the following very old song popped to mind while I was doing this get acquainted sketch of strawberry short cakes and tortes on display in a bakery case. I have no idea why. Strawberries are much more colorful and paintable than either shoofly pie or apple pan dowdy, yet no one's singing about them. The red certainly made me hum while I was painting on my first day back in the studio since I don't know when, and will be the wonderful stuff that will tie the two paintings together in a triptych.


  1. Linda, I love the vibrant colors... Your interpretation makes me think that sweets may be a fave of yours? If so, it shows in your colors... Kids would love your mouse cupcake drawings...

  2. The funny part of me and sweets is I never touch them. I think they're beautiful and pastry chefs often deserve applause for their wonderful creations.I don't bake and don't have a sweet tooth;I love salty stuff. Pistachios just aren't colorful enough to carry on with the paint.

  3. I prefer savory to sweet.. I use to bake, not much now... There is a definite art to decorating cakes, etc...