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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Five Faces of Summer OR: OMG Am I in Trouble?

I began this painting in June, 2010 and finished it a couple of days ago, August, 2011. A year and two months to feel finally satisfied that that's the expression I was after. What did I say about Speedo and Mr. Earl?

I took the first reference photo in 2009. (Talk about having some mixed feelings about this scene). The metamorphosis from then to now is amazing. It's a shame I didn't stop at each phase,and start fresh; the scene interests me in all it's forms.

The top painting is the final one. Under that is how the painting started. The next is when I got mad at the prettiness of the thing and lashed out. And the final one is how it hung in the basement for the last months before I couldn't stand it anymore and picked up a piece of black pastel, (a curious oxymoron),and laid into it again.

--And then, along the way, I paint another summer in another way--it's neat and prim and exacting.... Moods change with me, when they do, so does my style.

--That's very interesting,but could be very stupid, as Arty and Peter might say.(NOTE: for those of you too young to remember, I refer to Arty Johnson and Peter Sellers on Laugh In).


  1. Well, I remember those two guys! as well as the show.. It was a fave.. I like how your painting started out and morphed into what u ended up with.. Yep, a lot of different stages of emotions.. But, do u remember the feelings you had when u painted each one? Bet that would make a good journal to look back on. Or, print out a small photo and pasted it on the page of that corresponding journal page? (just a thought) :-)

  2. The morph I think I should have stopped at was the third one down where I got mad at the prettiness that was developing when I started the painting in 2010. I am sorry I ever touch that. I guess at the time I didn't really want to show anyone how bleak I felt the summer of 2009.
    The painting still has some morbidness in it with all the dark coloration, but over the last year obviously some hope has returned.
    Painting is a journal for me. That's why I have such trouble deciding when one is finished. I guess that's why I should work small--do something that can be done quickly. These larger canvases take days and I change, we all change, day to day.

  3. Linda- actually I don't think there is anything wrong w/showing how bleak u may have been feeling.. what's the difference between your expression in paint vs. putting it in words? Think about Van Gogh- he showed some scariness in his paintings... no one seemed to see it and if they did, no mention... Gotta release it somehow...

  4. Wow Linda, you are a very patient lady!

  5. wow, i love your vision of colors. saw ragweed and it was so lively and had to scroll down, and will continue.
    here from margaret's place...

  6. The subject has to have some significance, Chrissy, to hold my interest during the painting process. Indeed I think the choice of subject for painting or photographing journalistic and biographical. Too much thought and vacillation went on with this one.

  7. Not patient Evelyn. This one made me anxious and self-conscious. I knew what I was expressing and I was prettying it up too much--probably for the blog, the world to see. The third ugly rendition was when I should have stopped.

  8. Ragweed is colorful like the coral snake. It'll kill you if you get too close. But it is pretty. What I love about grasses of all kinds are the interactions of multiple color and overlapping of forms--the density too. Like life. Thanks for visiting Ed. I appreciate your comment.