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Monday, August 29, 2011

Spot of Red

I couldn't take my eyes off it all weekend long. One red leaf in the middle of all that greenery. Tick, tick, tick.

A spot of red,
A spot of dread
Don't look ahead
Go swimming instead.

And live in the moment was what I did. I went swimming and kayaking too for the first time in my life. What I've been missing! It was a blast. New demands on the upper body muscles, but my push ups paid off and I was able to maneuver around the lake. Did my loved ones take a picture to record this historic moment? No. They thought they made a video, but overlooked the save button. All you have is my word and a promise to absolutely do it again. Though the temps are falling and summer will slip away or go off to college.

Taylor, my granddaughter, my Kayak instructor, is off to college in a couple of days and she's taking her kayak with her. She looks great behind the paddle and wild on the beach. I doubt there are any beaches where she's going--just books, a river and college wild life. OMG...

I added a few more slashes to Summer Shade to break up a clump of lines I found too uniform and consistent. The nice thing about this painting style is you can add whatever you like and not go wrong. It's hard to believe that this painting came from a snapshot like this. The photo is so dark and monochromatic while the painting is tumultuous (energetic) and brighter. Maybe I wasn't as gloomy as I remember?


  1. Hahaha, loving the poetry and love Taylor's energy!

  2. I believe you, and how brave to do kayaking it's more than I have done. All the best to your grand-daughter and her future at college.

  3. Agnes,Evelyn, Ann, I couldn't believe that I was actually getting into that boat and was going be shoved out into the lake where I was going to sink or paddle like hell. I chose paddle like hell. And it was hard. Took some muscle. But I did get the drift--is that a pun--I think so. I loved it. Then it was time to go back. My endurance was running down. I aimed for the beach and glided on to it-- And couldn't figure out how to get out without injuring my knee. With no ideas popping, I hollered for my son and grandson to take my hands and pull! This is where I need tutoring--also shoving off the beach when all alone. (Heavy sigh). I think I've missed the boat. You guys are younger. You've got to give it a try. Kayaking was as wonderful as I thought it would be. It brought back so many fond memories of canoeing when I was a kid and how I loved moving through the water, soaking in the peace.