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Friday, August 26, 2011

Born in Chicago

1941 was the year I was born. Sargent York was the top movie that year. The computer and velcro were invented. And this song describes the chaos going on in the streets of my home town.

What happened in the year you were born? Click on this link. Type in your birth date and see what was going on when you happened upon the world. It's fascinating. It's a kick.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'm taking my granddaughter to lunch and shopping for her birthday. A first for the two of us. You can see more of her on her blog Until The Cows Come Home.


  1. Linda, u captured her to a T in your drawing... In fact your drawing shows a self assured, haughty gal... love it! besides gorgeous and sexy. :-)

  2. Thanks. Isn't that a great picture of her. She's quite the looker. Now I'm hoping she'll be quite the student and NOT FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF HER GRANDMOTHER. These next years in her life are so important.

  3. My goodness, I LOVE this song!!!!!

  4. She's such a pretty girl. Nice drawing. Enjoy your day!

  5. Hi,Linda,
    Good drawing! I think I saw your grandaughter at the graduation on your blog, did I? Gorgeous lady!!

  6. wow is she pretty or what? You did a great job on her portrait. I think I know that 1950 was when the Korean war ended. I'll go check