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Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Photograph Stinks

I might have dropped it too many times, (just twice), or I'm not charging the camera, a Konica Minolta Dimage #I, enough--like every day. Doesn't matter, it's time for a trip to the camera store. Trouble is, I'm wet behind the ears in there with all you savvy kids and have no idea what to look for in a digital, other than the amount of pixels,(12 to 18, I've read), and handshake control. Another drawback: the higher the pixal count the higher the price.

Being one who respects vintage, I pulled out my hardly used Nikon 35mm with all the lenses with the crazy notion of going back to film and drugstore development. However, drugstore development leaves a lot to be desired. You never have film developed in house; it must be sent to the lab. Two days out being developed sort of destroys the spontaneous fun digital photography offers and requires the additional chore of scanning to computer. I'd prefer to develop the film myself, have full control, but I never did expanded my darkroom to do color. I'm sad. Just two days away from seeing those grandkids after two years, you know I want a working camera that takes sharp pix--and when I do get back to painting, I must have a camera that doesn't always underexpose and records color as it is without computer enhancement.

The top photo is how it came out of the camera: blurry and underexposed. Underexposed has been consistent with this camera since I got it about three years ago. Blurry could be handshake or battery dying? I suspect the last. I brace myself when I shoot and I shoot a number of shots. I also bracket.

In the photograph on the right, the exposure has been decreased, but nothing else was done. Still looks blurry--very disturbing for someone who has decided this would be a photography summer.



  1. The one I have and used for the past couple of years is a Canon Powershot SD 870, wide angle... Takes great macros... I rarely use the flash..btw, its 8 pixels.. never had a problem.. A friend who is a camera buff says its the lens that makes the difference.. the higher the pixels makes no difference in the photo..You've seen my photos so, there's proof. I have never had a problem w/a Canon, in fact my 35mm would still be alive if I wasn't stupid and left the batteries in.. I took great photos w/it. The camera shop I go into recommended the Canon Powershot... I paid around $300 a few years ago...and that was thru Circuit City..

  2. Thanks for the info.I took my camera to my grand daughter's graduation open house and snapped away--this time using the flash, which the manual said helped to minimize handshake, (I never use it taking pictures of my art; it washes out the colors). So, this group of pix won't really count. I also had my son, a camera buff, check the settings and said they all looked good. I'll see when I download. We thought we'd go camera shopping when I get back from Vegas.

  3. Talking about flash... I'm not a fan, but it sometimes helps to eliminate shadows on a sunny day. Sometimes I use an auto timer to eliminate shakes.. set the timer and be still... Good luck looking for a new camera. ps Your garden looks nice.

  4. Thanks Evelyn. The garden is a joy; the photographs are not. I played with the flash/ without the flash yesterday. Up till then I mostly turned it off. The flash does provide fill light and helps to eliminate handshake by increasing the shutter speed, but being set in one position isn't a plus. I often want to bounce the flash above or to the side of the subject. This was a feature in my old Nikon 35mm with changeable lenses and separate flash. I think I'm missing that. I guess I want more manual control.

  5. I'm curious what you finally purchased. I purchased a Canon Rebel T2i and am happy with it (wasn't my first choice, but this was less expensive). For a very nice camera experience, I have always loved the compact Canon (Powershot) Elph (I think the 300 is the newest version). I believe a new version has come out and for photos to use as reference for painting, they do a nice job. The are very compact and easy to carry on walks, etc. I plan on getting me one as the Rebel T2i can be a bit cumbersome at times.