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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Only A Monster Would Munch A Rose

Monsters were expected in the garden after so much rain, but not this soon in the season. Yet their presence was spotted on the rose bushes as I toured this morning. Then, while working the five star Suduko puzzle, they were all I could think of. My concentration was thrown off by an urge to doodle the nasty beasts at work while I tried to recall if I had any biodegradable poisonous sprays out in the garage to smite the little devils? I was so distracted, I screwed up the five,sevens and eights ruining a perfect score for the week. To make matters worse: My coffee went cold. AND THAT SHOULD BE THE LEAST OF MY PROBLEMS THIS SUNNY SATURDAY, A TRULY GLORIOUS DAY: THE NASTY VERMIN BROKE MY BLOCK.

Picking up a pen and penning a drawing, even a silly one, is a sign of returning passion. Aggression against nasty little buggers did it for me. What does it for you?

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  1. Sometimes I go to a new place (maybe a different part of the city) and just look around...