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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The fast life in Vegas as pictured by WILD IMAGES is making me think what were we thinking? Yes, the place is a non-stop flight; yes, it's an easy drive from my kids' house in California: yes, we're staying where there's plenty of things to excite a nine-almost-ten year old girl and an eleven year old boy; yes, we're going to love hugging them; yes, I'm going to get great photographs,(I wasn't concerned about my camera for nothing), BUT are we up to the speed of the place? The day before we're leaving and the day after I got a cortisone shot for a knee that suddenly decided to act up, (talk about lousy timing), I'm thinking,"What have we done?" No doubt about it, twenty four hours before the plane takes off I've got Vegas jitters. This blog is my therapy--I hope, I hope:


THE EAST LAGOON POOL AT THE Hotel AT MANDALAY BAYb> I expect to be spending some hours of most days here--as does my grandson. I'm taking our ball. But do you see any cushions on the lounges; Honey and I like cushions for our vacation bucks--and four towels a piece--you get older, you need a lot of comfort stuff. Where's the drink girl? Do you see any chairs in the shade?

THE BEACH/WAVE POOL AT THE MANDALAY BAY RESORT. Where is everyone? Ninety six degrees too cold to swim? Sand too hot? What?

THE EDUCATIONAL SIGHTS PLANNED: These I'm looking forward to. The possibility of the pools being overcrowded, cushionless, perhaps shadeless and great distances from THE Hotel and the ladies room have got me worried.

BOULDER/HOOVER DAM I should pick up a parasol, a sun umbrella more colorful than a rain umbrella, today after visiting The Walking Store.

THE SHARK AQUARIUM AT MANDALAY BAY The kids have been here when they were in strollers and I could stroll indefinitely. It was spectacular. The first time I'd ever seen an aquarium of this caliber. JD, who was three then, talked about it for months after, but I imagine his memory, like mine need to be refreshed. I'm particularly looking forward to photographing the jellyfish tank. It was magnificent.

AND THEN OUR LAST NIGHT TOGETHER: TICKETS TO THE LION KING, THE PLAY. Watching the children's faces as they see their first professional play will be a treat. I love live theater and I'm looking forward to exposing them to it. My BGF and I would skip school and go downtown to the theater every time a new play came to town. We'd do lunch and go to the two o'clock matinée. I don't remember what it cost, but I could handle lunch and it with my five dollar a week allowance. Theater tickets these days are a hell-of-a-lot more. For the six of us, I could get a root canal and a crown. Times have not changed for the better my friends.

SUNDAY WE'LL KISS SAD GOODBYES. And Honey and I will move over to the Encore, the new sister hotel to the Wynn and one of Vegas's smaller hotels with only 1000 rooms, for some quiet time before flying home. Honey's talking about seeing some more shows. I had a spa visit in mind. I could meet Honey afterwards at the adult only, topless pool. I've got nothing to hide and he might like to see a pair for old time's sake?

I feel better. After reviewing the trip, it does look hectic but fantastic--just the kind of shake up this restless artist needs to get her perking again. See ya when I see ya.


  1. Looks like a lively place, Vegas. Really hope you have a great time there, sure you will. Worth it all for seeing the family. Anyway, have a great time. many regards to you from the uk. ann.

  2. Thank you Ann. Before the hustle of the airport, security, the flight, the time change, collecting the baggage, finding the family and checking in, your encouragement is appreciated.

  3. Coming home today having read no books, having done only one drawing unworthy of mention. But I have spent time with my sons and their families. My cup is spilling over.