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Saturday, May 28, 2011

High School Graduation Memorial Day Weekend

I like this idea I stumbled across with Photoshop for a painting, but my friend says it makes her dizzy. The strong color contrast in combination with the density of the pouring motion I suspect? The pouring, dripping, rain running down the window pane does look like that. The droplets and runs have tubular dimension. --The colors of the landscape beyond the glass are a lot more subdued--grays and greens and whites--the whites are translucent. the colors soft and fuzzy. There are touches of blue. Driving around on my errands yesterday, I thought Elmer's glue would be a substance to try. It's thick enough to draw with using a pastry bag? I put it on my shopping list. Color order is something else to play with as well...

Paintings often begin in my head. These weeks I've seen---we've all seen--a lot of rain, so much of it, my thoughts have obviously been saturated. Will this painting get painted or will it remain in imagination? I don't know. --Probably not. Continuous rain is like Fall and Winter, a bummer for me. Instead, I putting the idea of painting aside and going to a high school graduation. The future leaders of our country will cheer me up with their antics.

My granddaughter and three hundred of her dearest friends is graduating high school on Sunday. (HS graduation pictures have really changed since mine was taken in a sweater and pearls don't you think). They're going to celebrate, toss grad hats into the sky and honk car horns all the way home while hanging out the windows and cheering. Tomorrow they'll get serious along with the rest of us.

How odd it is that all this fun will be had the day before a day of national mourning when people honor the fallen in battle by going on picnics and to the beaches and pools newly opened for summer. How odd it is that Memorial Day is ironically the saddest of holidays at the happiest time of the year. How odd it is that we call this solemn occasion a holiday. But then it isn't odd at all. We're celebrating life thanks to those who have given theirs. My flag is at half mast in remembrance and respect--and I send my sincerest thanks to all the families who have given a child for love of country. My granddaughter is considering the Peace Corp after college. I hope she holds on to that idea and makes it her mission; this world needs all the peacemakers it can get.


  1. Thanks for the reminder to put out the colors, and for putting the weekend into proper perspective. May God bless them all. Grand daughter looks like a real sweetheart--congratulations.

  2. You're welcome Bill. The youngest among us do forget what this day is about. The oldest know all too well. The Doves who grew up watching war on TV wish we could be isolationists. The Hawks know that that luxury was lost on TV. "Where have all the flowers gone, gone to graveyards every one. When will we ever learn?" Never Mary, I'm afraid.