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Friday, May 27, 2011

Pushing The Envelope


An experiment was suggested by playing around in Photoshop with yesterday's twenty minute, coffee spill. A Gesso pour, a Latex semi-gloss paint pour and a rub down with artist oils came to mind. The challenge: recreating the idea on a large canvas, I mean a large canvas. I do believe it's an outside project (several days before the grass is scheduled to be cut), OR the building of a trough slightly larger than the canvas to catch the run off and fitted with a ledge rest so the run off does indeed run off. Acrylic gloss medium may be involved for translucency? Plaster combs as well. I think the middle one is worth the effort--and of course, more glimpses of red are needed to make me happy.

Sketches are just the beginning. They start the artist thinking is this drawing worth pushing? Which way should it be pushed? How far can it be pushed? Is the idea feasible? A miniature (not too small) experiment will answer these questions.

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