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Monday, May 23, 2011

I Got A Dog!

Cutest thing you've ever seen. Fits in my cargo pocket. I am a pushover for the tiniest of breeds who can be trained to a litter box, requires no long walks/runs outside, and hates the snow and cold as much as I do. Ethyl is a Chihuahua, a breed named for the state in Mexico where the earliest specimens were found and, according to some, derived from a Fennec Fox crossed with a terrier-type hound from Asia. Ethyl was named for the high octane fuel of my youth; she's got zip.

Ethyl will be quite a change for me. My last canine was a giant breed--well not as giant as a Saint Bernard, but close enough. He was a crotch high, a 150 lb. black Labrador Retriever. (Tony Tulips was one hard dude to photograph). He retrieved Frisbees and me when Gilligan's Island came on and signaled that it was dinner time. If I was painting, he'd plop down in the middle of the canvas and stop me cold. I washed him down daily when he finally convinced me he wasn't going to budge till I did. Then streaked with paint, we both would head for the dog food. I was the Omega, he the Alpha.

Ethyl will try to be pushy, but being just six pounds, shouldn't be much trouble to toss aside in the studio. However, I'll have to watched out for nips. She's as smart as a lab, but a lot feistier. She's from a line of aristocratic dogs, snobby, clanish and totally devoted to her owner, whose responsibility it is to keep her away from large birds of prey, coyotes and Labs, G Shepherds, Pinschers and all other formidable breeds. Ethyl is a scraper who only likes her own kind and would start something she couldn't win; so, no runs in the woods for her, no walks in the park. The only danger she faces is when she knocks me off my feet and my rump falls on hers. Lucky for her, the forever pocito pup is streak lightning.

In spite of the dangers of being tiny in a big world, little dogs live longer than big dogs. My lab lived for eleven years--got cancer of the muzzle, was unoperable and when the blood flowed non stop, he had to be put to sleep. Saddest day ever. Ethyl promises to see this old broad get a lot older. Chihuahuas have nice long lives, about sixteen year. And Ethyl and I will be looking forward to enjoying every minute as soon I snatch the little princess from her fiercely protective owner. Don't let the dogs out Helene.


  1. omg! u got a yapper dog...we had a Cairn... yours is cute, love the markings.. i remember when i was a kid how that breed is mean.. or maybe it hates kids? how does Honey feel about this?

  2. btw, u are the first to say u litter trained .. never would think of doing that...those 2 years to training that terrier to hold its bladder, sheesh.. wished i met u years ago.. damn!.

  3. Training a small dog to go in a litter box is definitely doable. My daughter in-law did it with her "purse dog." The smallest breeds are certainly the same size as cats.

  4. Hi, Linda!
    Very cute. I look forward to your posts on the doggy.
    Cheers, Sadami