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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finally A Drawing!

Of the artistic kind. These last weeks I thought I was going to be imprisoned forever designing space. Then the documentation drawings of the last master bath finally walked out of the office and I felt a burden lift. I celebrated with a twenty minute sketch. Not a bad picture of a horse huh?


  1. I love the colors-pansies are one of my favorites.. Is this out of your head or have you raided your garden?

  2. I pinched back the pot I bought last month. The flowers really like wet, humid, cool weather and were overflowing. Really got my money's worth.

  3. Oh Linda!

    These flowers - They are addicting! I can't seem to paint anything else right now.

    In this picture you have brought cut flowers back to life with energetic lines and color. I have said this before, there is something mystical and transcendent about your paintings and drawings.

    Here too, in PA, the pansies and violets are growing like mad along with mushrooms and lawn grass. Plants enjoy weather guaranteed to drive us batty. Hope the sun shines for you soon!


  4. You said it Nanina. The flowers are such a welcome site. Spring seems to have taken so long to come around. Thank you for the compliments; I thought I'd never get back to drawing. This one reminded me again of what a delight drawing is.

  5. Fabulous. Welcome back to drawing. :).