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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Dressmaker's Jungle.

With the end of the world beginning today, somewhere around six PM everywhere starting in New Zealand (related to me by the Orlando Sentinel via The Detroit News), I don't know whether to go to the dressmaker or not this morning? Seems silly to worry that my new trousers are a bit too long when I don't have long to wear them. I suppose if I believed the end-of-the-world rantings of Herold Camping,radio preacher, and Al Allen,a follower from Winter Haven, Florida,(you'd think he'd be from California--or somewhere around the Sedona, Arizona), I might go out on a spending binge and enjoy the last months of humankind, what the heck. But I don't think so. One woman did just that a while back. She spent every dime. Then Doomsday came and went and the only catastrophe that happened was she was left flat broke to face the rest of her days. I'll be taking my fortune with me, thank you very much--and my pants to the dressmaker on this Summer Solstice, 7000 years since the flood and Noah's Ark.

I'm just about finished shopping for fat clothes. I'm just about finished drawing up, specking and quoting our remodeling jobs. I am not just about finished with the damn Fall painting, but it's progressing slooooooooowly.

Over the last weeks, I've only had time to paint a few minutes on my way to and from the freezer. The painting has killed my desire to draw and my diversion from my slump with photographic portraiture has been satisfied with my experimentations over this last week with the Chuck Close approach,of which you all had no interest whatsoever. I don't blame you. The portraiture genre is rather questionable as an art form. It's the most commercial unless you've got a gimmick like Chuck's--large and bare bones, which I happen to like very much being a woman trapped in a society of women who have rarely left their houses without their war paint. With that, I'm off to the dressmaker's jungle.

PS. Sorry I haven't gotten around to seeing what you all have been up to. I haven't really cared to see happy people happily painting while I was bogged down drafting and combing through product catalogs. I'll catch up the next couple of days. Stay happy and away from New Zealand.


  1. I posted a comment on another blog and I will repeat it here... When we had the 1994 Northridge earthquake, my neighbor who is a born again said "this is the rapture"... At 4 (fuckin') am we all looked at each other and rolled our eyes... If everyone believed what that loon said about today, we'd all go to hell in a handbasket... Thankfully there are more logical folks than loons.

  2. Absolutely. I did go to the dressmaker and I will wear those pants in the Fall if not sooner.

    When everybody was stocking up on water, filling their sinks and bathtubs New Years of 1999 because there was going to be a major, worldwide computer crash, I did not, but I did buy this little stuffed something-or-other that rattled like glass breaking when it fell off my computer. When I gave one to my son for his office at Microsoft, he didn't think it was funny. As I read on FB this morning, New Zealand and Australia are just fine. So much for loony predictions and loony tunes.

  3. :) Hope you will be able to have so fun painting soon. Happy weekend, Ev

  4. Me too Evelyn, all this work and no play is no fun. A person out of balance can lose their sense of humor. Draw one for me.