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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Inch by Inch


After drawing in the whole composition along with preliminary colorwork, I'm working up close and personal with a tiny brush on Fall Woods, the third unit in my four part painting. Tiny brushes are not me--nor is working on a small section at a time without considering the whole. But intense details overlapping is what is required to get this unit to sit right with the other Spring and Summer. So be it. Square inch by square inch I plod along. The nice part is the work is mesmerizing--tranquilizing. I find I'm not thinking at all. I'm in the trees letting my intuition guide me as I paint branch over branch,color over color. It's a very enjoyable state of being.

There are four hundred square inches in Fall Woods. These detail photos show just a few. My concentration was on the upper right side of the painting.


  1. First of all that header is 'WOW'... love the lighting... a recent visit? :-)
    As far as your work in progress, I like the feel of the colors here... warmth.....and love.

  2. Thanks. I decided to highlight photography, still a big love of mine. Yes, that was the bar across from our table at our favorite lunch spot in Birmingham. Cafe Via. We love eating in the small bar--great lighting, intimate decor and just two high tops. The interior is by a great restaurant designer, Ron Ray. Very creative fellow.