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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deer Holly

Friday, March 18,2011

Deer Holly,

I am so sorry for the intrusion yesterday. We couldn't help ourselves. Your buds looked so sweet and we were so starving. Please forgive us for trespassing. Your friend, Doe

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deer Little Doe,

Please don't torture yourself. My pleasure. Mi casa, su casa. Below the sill is where I like to be, and you give such an expert cut. Bring your friend by any time-- hell, bring the gang. You make my berries a main attraction. Fondly, Holly


  1. Awe. I will take there "deer" faces anytime. So nice of you not to mind. :)

  2. Oh, deer, dear!
    What a nice environment you're living:)! Spring is around the corner.
    Now, we're getting into autumn, yet I still swam 1km today.
    Cheers, Sadami

  3. Holly berries- hmm. are those poisionous?btw will email u a trick my grandfather used for keeping critters away from whatever he did not want destroyed.

  4. Margaret, I really do not want those holly buses to get very big and block off the view from the window; the deer are doing me a favor. I heard some bumping around outside. I looked out the window and was shocked to see four of them crammed into that space, but only two were left by the time I got the camera and got downstairs to get up close. We've had a lot of deer action this year.

  5. It really is Sadami. And yes, finally signs of Spring are springing.

    I like swimming too, I was thinking of joining a swim club close by and making it a regular activity. It's very good for long, strong muscles, the pretty kind. Can you bike? That's good for the leg muscles too as long as you don't straighten the knees. I'm getting ready to move mine outside. I hope you did well with the auction; that was a lovely idea.

  6. I don't know if holly berries are poisonous or not--I would guess not. I haven't found a dead deer at my doorstep yet. LOL

    Hollies are listed as one of the many bushes deers like to eat. and from personal experience with them,they also like to eat impatience tulips with bulbs and hostas. They leave my coleus for the chipmunks--as well as the spirea and the hydrangea and the ivy. For critter repellent I've used fox urine, cougar urine, moth balls and chlorine tablets. The stench repels rabbits, cats, dogs and humans--but not chipmunks.
    I don't mind the deer eating the hollies and I certainly wouldn't mind if they ate the chipmunks. Unfortunately,they're vegetarians, so my chipmunks only have Maggie's cat, owls and hawks to watch out for. Ah, the pleasures of the growing season finally here.

  7. This is awesome. Wildlife just outside your window!