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Friday, March 18, 2011

Day One in Plein Aire

Fifty five temperate degrees. I took my lunch coffee out on the stoop, sat in the sun and painted what was in front of me, my Japanese Dogwood. It's a lovely tree in early June full of leaves and flowers. And it is a lovely tree standing bare naked March 17th, this glorious first day painting in plein aire. --It's time to put together a plein aire kit. I wasted too much sun getting my stuff together.

I didn't waste any time finishing Mice. Then I signed it and put it aside to make room for part two of So Many Choices; Pastries . Next up Banana Cream Tarts. They will be easier to execute than mice. Yuk. What a word I chose. Gross,but true.
Mice didn't come out as well as I had hoped, but their flaws will be less apparent in the bottom spot of the composition of the triptych.


  1. Mice Cupcakes! You're the one--I'd forgotten. A fine tray indeed! Wm

  2. And no calories in a look.

    What do you mean "I'm the one?" I am the one lady around these parts painting pastries. Simple,no science involved.

    It is an unusual subject,a sweet one, a fun one. But the real subject is the abundant choices we are bombarded with. We have so many placed before us that making a selection, a decision is difficult for some and impossible for others. We are often blinded and dumbfounded by the repetitious display of choices everywhere we look.

    I was not. I was energized in that bakery. I loved the riot of colors I loved the baker's sense of humor. I chose a mouse for $2.95 and bit off his head. Delicious-- there was mousse in the mouse. The pastry chef was my kind of people.

  3. This is a really beautiful painting of a dogwood. Bare is glorious. Watercolor, acrylic?

  4. Thanks Hallie and it was so nice just being out in the sun while doing it. It's water markers, watercolor and pastel.

  5. Nice piece to pave the way for more pieces to come as the weather gets warmer. Congrats on finishing Mice - I wonder if they taste good...

  6. There's chocolate mousse in those chocolate mice. Quite delicious Evelyn.

  7. Love to eat them mousies
    Mousie's what I love to eat
    Bite they little heads off
    And nibble on they tiny feet.

    My dad couldn't keep a straight face reciting this to mom who was usually in stitches by the third line. I always just grinned.

    Now, a mousse mouse is serious business!