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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Break's Over

There's more to making art, than making it. There's putting together a finished product for presentation. A frame I was interested in seeing up close was delivered yesterday. I ordered it on-line. It's a one inch bamboo wood, finished in a natural color, that went nicely with the sunflower watercolor I did last year. Together hanging on my grayed down French's Original Yellow Mustard walls in the kitchen, I think the artwork and the frame look made for one another. But I really don't like the frame. The finish color needs toning down. And the bamboo carving is clutsy--not precise enough.

I'm a bit picky. My dad was in the affordable framing business and while this one was affordable, it just wasn't the same caliber that dad carried. I have to keep looking. This frame came from Frames By Mail and I'm guessing from Mexico, but I've lost touch. It's nice, but not elegant enough--bamboo is more refined--which means I have to keep looking for a source. Anybody have any suggestions you're willing to share? --But wait. Does everybody feel like I do, that works on paper should be finished for presentation to the public? And to what degree? Maybe I'm going too far?

Of the photos I so joyously took yesterday, This one's the keeper--the textures, melting snow against weathered teak, and the fact appeals to me. However, the weather guys say we'll be dumped on again today. I knew it wouldn't last but... So much for this winter break.

So much for the other photos too. I chalked them off as "breaking eggs" and deleted them.


  1. I like this photo, yet I like the photos of the snow that covers your patio furniture.. I like the formations... Reminds me of icing on a cake.. Your header is stunning.. I love the abstractness... I can see that brush flyin' around that paper.

  2. What if u used a black frame? A friend had framed her pink hibiscus photo in a black frame and it made the flower pop.. somehow the yellow doesn't make the sunflowers pop it seems more in the background...

  3. I didn't delete those photos from my picture files, just from the blog. Thanks. The header sketch came home with me from Cancun.

    The frame stays the the frame. If it bothers me enough, I might be moved to antique it darker--but don't forget, I can also change the artwork to something that would pop. Actually, I think both picture and frame are sitting pretty well with one another. It's not the color of the frame that bothers me. It came in other colors. It was the poor carving. As I said, the carving lacks finesse and I think the frame is too thick.

    I do not like black frames. I never use black in or around paintings. Any "black" seen in my paintings is a mix of other dark colors: I use Dioxinine purple,Thalo green/blue and Dark umbra. Only for photographs would I use a thin black frame--with a white matte to give the photo air.

  4. OK hows this. Take that matt liner out and paint it the color of the wall, put it back in the white matt, and frame the whole thing in an ultra simple light blonde wood frame. Meanwhile the bamboo frame with all the personality could be matched up with one of those absolutely incredible kid portraits in pencil--in a proper white matt. Those portraits are so full of life that the frame wouldn't stand a chance in terms of overshadowing them. The girl in the sleeveless checked shirt, or that kid in the cowboy hat would work--or better still that grinning little one in the strappy top! OK I'm not an interior designer, and I actually didn't mind the frame selection in the first place. I too was quite taken by that header art--and your wonderful abstractions. Great stuff! Wm

  5. Thank you William. You've made my day with your praise. But I'm going to let those sunflowers stay. I chose that watercolour to put in that frame because the frame is as hokey as the flowers. I got the frame to see it in person; I had only seen it on-line. I thought it had possibilities, but in my hand and on my wall, I don't--it's a craftsmanship complaint. I also wanted to learn how to put a wood frame together. I did. My small investment paid off. I'm satisfied and the picture looks kitsch in the kitchen and that's okay with me too.