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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Comment on Comments

CHOCOLATE MICE, section three of the painting Rodents in The Pastry Case, a working title that tickles me.

A painting I won't quit. I know you guys are sick of it, don't like it (no comments have been made, a give away), and Honey really hates it--thinks it's a waste of time, but I love the idea of it. I know the triptych will be a knockout. I will persevere to master this style that is so different than my gesture, full arm lose approach.

My tight little mice are coming along though. Glazing is key, something I have to experiment with more if I'm going to make this medium and subjects like this (flat, hard edge items) mine. I tried using watercolour consistent paint on top of the flat acrylic undercoat, but didn't care for the look. Glazes made with matte medium were cleaner and richer. So wet into wet and glazing with medium will be how I will proceed. The painting is far enough along where I can taste the finish. What a challenge this is--and how hard it is to stick with it all alone with my conviction.
I'm missing educated critiques. Comments is for compliments only it seems. What a waste in a group that has known all their lives that they had talent and their work had merit.

Got off to a nice start with Fall Woods--but all starts are nice. As you paint down to the details, that is when the problems step in. But I don't expect any with this painting. In my free and easy dot,dab,slash style, landscapes like this are so much less stressful than Mice in the Pastry Case.


  1. I can't do educated critiques. I only know what feels right for me--I think you know what's right for you. Stick with your convictions; I can almost taste the finish.

    I think most people question their own talent and the merit of their work.

  2. I think you're right Hallie. And I think we should. It's how we become discerning. Each of us have to know which of our works is better or worse than the others and most importantly why. We have to see them for what they are as a stranger would.

    When I used the word educated, I meant the hands on education we artists have had on the job.

    I'm certainly driven by this idea I have enough to alter my painting style. I have no intention of not carrying it through--I've invested the time and lined up the canvases. They are an odd size. this triptych will happen for better or worse.

    Thanks for commenting and saying more than "gee that's nice."