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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pinball Wizard

Framton, paper cast with liquefied graphite finish, by Linda W. Roth, 1978.

Peter Frampton's good looks moved me to make this paper cast from a clay sculpture I made of the rock star's head. Peter Frampton,lead singer for the Who, played Tommy in the Who's rock opera Tommy, written by Pete Townshend and Des McAnuff. He was cool. The stage production was cool and so was the film. Brick Breaker is a cool pinball-like game on my Blackberry. It's a game that teaches finesse and speed with the mouse and of course, I'm hooked. Playing fast and furiously last night, I was reminded of Frampton, the Who and Tommy. In the video, Frampton is the hot, long haired blond "blind guy" wandering around as Elton John sings. It's loud. It'll knock your socks off. --"That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball...Can you hear me Tommy? Can you feel me Tommy?" Thumbs up.


  1. Great sculpture. Very expressive piece.

  2. Thanks Evelyn. Paper casting was a lot of fun, full of challenges--sculpting the head, making the plaster mould, making the rubber mould, making the paper pulp,packing it in evenly and then, when thoroughly dry removing it. I was thrilled when Frampton came out in one piece. Then the finish and the display box construction. It was quite the project, quite the satisfaction.

  3. I like the sculpture very much, but I must correct you when you said "Peter Frampton was the lead singer of the rock band, The Who..." ROGER DALTREY was the lead singer of The Who, not Peter Frampton. Roger Daltrey has played Tommy in both the concert versions and the widely acclaimed film version. Posting the clip from the film made this fact even truer.