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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm giving up Baking

First day back in the studio and I'm giving up baking. The whipped cream on these cupcakes is why I left this painting alone no doubt. It was driving me crazy. It is driving me crazy. It wasn't till the last minute before wine-time that I discovered how to gain control over the matter. So I'll go at them again today. --I know I was going to finish Summer Woods, but this really was the painting that was stuck in my craw. So get it done I say and move on.

Sadami of Sadami's Graffiti, gave me great advice yesterday: blog once a week on Mondays, as she does. I was so hung up with not living up to my original commitment of a blog a day and the risk of that with regards to keeping up my drawing, once a week never occurred to me. How blinded by stress is that? As soon as I read her comment, my shoulders felt lighter. So be it. And with that ladies and gentlemen, I'll be back--next week with this batch of cupcakes baked and decorated and hopefully out of the Summer Woods.

It did take me eight weeks to quit my smoking habit of two packs a day fifteen years ago. This cold turkey blog cut-back is going to be rough.


  1. This translation gadget compliments the web page translation gadget. It allows comments to be written in someone's native tongue and translated into English.
    I wrote in English: I think you should leave the cupcakes alone They're fine. Copied the Spanish translation and pasted it into this comment box.
    Creo que deberías dejar los pastelitos solo. Ellos están bien.

    I also like it for when I want to use French or Spanish words in my text. Okay. Thank you Olga, from Russia, for turning me on to this whole idea.

  2. You quit smoking 2 packs a day cold turkey and it only took 8 weeks!! Brava for you! It took several tries for me of quitting and going back until I finally got it right.
    I think perhaps the tops of the cupcakes have too much color? Just my opinion and I know you are on to how to make them look like you want them to look. But don't stop baking :) See you next week (once a week is plenty when blogging becomes a chore instead of a pleasure).

  3. I love the blogging RH, it's the drawing a day that became the chore once I was back to painting. I think you're right about the cupcakes--have already toned them down. thanks for the input. I do welcome a fresh pair of art loving eyes.

  4. Have fun baking. See you in a week :)