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Monday, January 31, 2011

A New Phase: Rehab for Blogger

You may have noticed from my new header title that I dropped the word "day,"(avoiding the rigamarole of starting a new blog). I'm moving away from my daily blogger commitment. I've discovered that for me Drawing and painting are one and the same. I don't produce a painting in hours--more like days and sometimes weeks. Quick sketches and thumbnail paintings, yes. These are tools I use to familiarize myself with the subject and work out problems that pop up during the painting process. But I'm through with drawings dashed off for the sake of the blog not for the sake of art. What has happened is: the blog has become more important than the art--and that's why it's time to back off.

I've got two painting series to complete. The only way I'm going to accomplish that is to put more hours in the studio and a lot less hours sitting at the computer--especially, now that I'm consumed with learning my way around my new Blackberry. How many machines does one have time for PLUS making art? First time back in the studio this morning, I took inventory and realized I had to re-evaluate my priorities.

Spring Woods is looking pretty good to me. A couple more days of observation and I'll sign and date it.

Summer Woods still needs work--a bit more definition. I'll show it again when I think I'm done. (The colors don't photograph as they are in reality. The sky is yellow pink--a lot warmer. Too bad. Something to watch out for when you sell/buy art on line).

But I don't know if I can. I've become hooked--on blogging--on the blackberry. Maybe addicted? Do they have a Betty Ford for this? Not that I've heard. I'm going to have to do it myself cold turkey--so I dropped the 'day' in drawing of. It's a start.


  1. So timely - rehab for the blogger! I'm wrestling with the idea of posting less and painting more. I like the vibrancy of your paintings!

  2. Your work is wonderful. Good for you making the commitment to your art.
    Blogging is addictive- but you'll figure out a balance.

  3. Peggy, Pamo, Your words of encouragement came just in time today. Thank you! I just came up from the studio wondering what the hell was I doing here? Your kind words turned me around. Blogging has been very valuable in the fact that I've met such talented people like yourselves. There's a strong art community in Bloggerland and I do like being part of it.

  4. Dear Linda,
    The works are beautiful. Regarding blogging, take it easy. Please "please yourself" first. My blogging has 3 purposes: display work, share it & sometimes share my thoughts. Weekly(every Monday)blogging is not bad. Linda, you're the boss!! Not a blog nor blogging!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  5. Your advice is excellent Sadami. Once a week on Monday is very manageable. And what I like about the schedule is that I'm free to draw/paint the rest of this week without having to dash-off-the-top-of-my head entertaining blog blah-blah. Thank you very much. I can relax now.

  6. Yes, it can get addictive :).

    Spring Woods is a lovely piece - there is so much to see in that piece Linda.

  7. Thank you Evelyn. I loved your black and white photo of the veranda in China. The progression of the lanterns--the perspective was excellent--no parallax lines--the bitch of getting good architectural photography. Good tilt.

    I loved some of the photos I shot in Cancun--not as sophisticated, but good travel brochure stuff. You and I have a lot in common. I haven't even showed my sandels yet.

  8. Wonderful blasts of color. And I love the witty, quirky new blog title. It works AND is so true.