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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Skiing--Michigan And Other Possibilities

As soon as you get home from a trip, you should start planning the next one. Anticipation of travel is almost as energizing as actually doing it.

From my deck, it looked like a solid base with fresh powder after the four inches that fell Friday night. Skiing Northern Michigan is just a car ride away. No big deal. Let's go!

Boyne Mountain, Boyne Highlands and the Inn at Bay Harbor immediately came to mind.

I loved the sport when I was a kid and have had my eye on the Inn at Bay Harbor for quite some time. In the summer, it's a golf resort and a boater's destination. In the winter, skiing--AND MY FAVORITE PASTIME, SPA-ING. While Honey was out doing his thing on the slopes, I would have no problem amusing myself trying new spa treatments, trekking through the snow with my camera, or lounging in the lodge bar with other non-skiing snow bunnies. I made the suggestion to Honey. Honey thought I was crazy. Honey reminded me he hasn't skied since his tow rope accident in '72. Honey thought California in June.

It's true. We haven't seen our grandkids since 2008. It is time to give them a look-see before they grow unrecognizable if we pass them on the street. They are nine and ten, So we thought about Mandalay Bay in Vegas--too hot. We thought about the wine country in northern California; the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa looked very nice--but maybe too dull for the kids? We thought about the Marriott Residence Club in Lake Tahoe--could be just right? Then: I'd really also like to go back to Yosemite. The Tenaya Lodge was terrific--indoor pool, out door pool, great dining, air hockey in the game room, right outside the Western gate of our magnificent national park, less than two hours away from my son's house. What more could we ask for? With all the precipitation we've been having all over the country this winter, Bridal Veil Falls would not disappoint in June as it did the last time we were there.

Honey and I will hash out where-to-next over the next months. The quest for just right will keep us warm and our minds off the cold, the dark, the icy roads and all the damn clothes you have to put on just to go get the newspaper in that winter wonderland.

I wonder if the folks in Cancun looking at the gorgeous aquamarine sea day after day feel ho-hum? Do they wish they were somewhere else than where they're at? Do they have vanderlust? Shame on them. Shame on me. Is seventy too old to take up skiing?

[You might have noticed I am moving away from a drawing a day. You really can't do a fine drawing in twenty minutes--or even an hour. But I'm stuck with my title in blogland--and don't feel like starting over. I don't want to knock off anymore drawings or bother you with works in progress. I'm going after quality. I'm not giving posting up, I'm just going to post differently--not as often, more photographs, more LWR viewpoints on whatever has attracted my attention while I hon my fine art skills in the studio. It's a risky move, but time to do it].

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  1. Ah, Petoskey and Harbor Springs, MI. My stomping grounds for 7 years before we moved here a short while back. Check out Nubs Nob (that's where a lot of the locals like to ski. It really depends which way the wind is coming from whether locals chose Nubs or Boyne Highlands. Boyne is a bit south of Petoskey. I miss it, but not so much the snow. I love it in the summer - we still go back every summer. kids miss the snow, though. :)