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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Got up at six thirty, dressed for the great out-of-doors in red wooly tights and with camera in hand, went downstairs to photograph the Big Blizzard of February 2011 all the meteorologists were in such a frenzy. It blew into our area around NCIS and howled the night away. I expected to see some great weather--and hopefully get a shot worthy of Winter Woods. The lights were on in the kitchen and Honey's office. I had worried about losing electrical.

I began my day-long photo-shoot at my front door in the warmth of my house. A two foot snow drift cut the ivy short, but other than that, all I saw was a dirty window. --In the great room too. Well today isn't a cleaning day. It's a snow day. The world stops on those. Everything is closed. And the snow is still falling, light and steady. I got out my boots, I'm going to have to get out into it. It's a great day to get that shot. I wish I had snow shoes...


  1. love that reflection... hope u don't lose power!.

  2. But how about that window? It's too cold to go out there today; maybe tomorrow?

    We do have power, but I haven't had the TV on so I don't really know how it is all over. It's not bad here. I've been out walking--well trekking.

  3. I will quote you for the rest of my life "The world stops on a snow days - NO HOUSE CLEANING". :)

  4. I used to love snow days Margaret when my three were kids. The world did stop and the four of us just hung out, (Honey always got to work). After sledding or skating, we would watch TV and discuss ethics and morality. It seems shows like Gilligan's Islands brought up issues where the boys had other thoughts than the writers on how people should handle situations.--Rocky and Bullwinkle was another favorite. Who knew these shows had issues? My boys thought so. And so we talked and argued what response would have been better. Snow days were days of closeness for hours not just the minutes a day between homework and housework. --They were mini vacations. Fond memories like this make them fun now.