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Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Do You Do?

What do you do while drinking your morning coffee if you don't blog? I haven't found out yet. And I won't.

As I told RH Carpenter,, I like blogging, ie. writing. I don't like knocking off a drawing everyday just to have one to post.Over the year, doing those drawings had become a job, a no-no with me and art. Art is expressive fun to me; it should not be work. Regimenting it had made it so. The fast drawings served their purpose and had to go--but the writing could stay. The camaraderie of the art blog world was valuable and enlightening. (I'm going to try to get that Virtual Pose CD Rhonda).

So I went out in the snow in search of a winter scene. All I brought back was the newspaper and a few shots. The going was rough. The snow was deep and my boots, pants and gloves inadequate in nineteen degrees. The photo you see above was the best so far for my Four Seasons series. I shot it from a second floor window just as the sun came out in the PM. It needs compositional adjustments,but it's linear enough to fit with the others in the group. I'll keep looking. I've enough to keep me busy.

The painting process is a lot slower than drawing. That's going to take some adjusting to. After a year of being Fast Eddie, watching paint dry is agonizing. The solution is to work on a number of paintings--or to run up and stir the soup as I did yesterday. I could have gone for a haircut too. They cleared our street, driveways and walks around two. It wasn't much of a blizzard in this Northern suburb.


  1. Before I got my laptop, I shared the desktop w/whoever was living w/me..At the time computers were unimportant or non existent to me... I started blogging after seeing it show up on my yahoo messenger... Yes, it can be addicting... I use to let it become my 'first thing' in the morning.. It still does but its not earth shattering if I am not in the mood to open it up.. I use to look at my blog for comments, now I go and read emails first, take care of bills, THEN blogging... would u even believe since I started netflix, I use the laptop for more online movies?? NOW that is addicting... I've seen more indie movies that I have never heard of... and for that I am grateful for!. I've been burned before from so called blogging buddies, aND I've learned to be more longer open my heart up like I use to... I share more thru email w/those I trust.

  2. Good thinking. Honey is starting to worry that sites he visits often know who he is and send him e-mails while he's still viewing whatever it is. He thinks that's worrisome. He also thinks I'm much too open and would like me to stop. Eventually, I probably will. Meanwhile, the blog served me well--got me back into the studio painting and turned me back on to photography and writing. Also taught me what I wanted out of art:
    to have fun with it while work is slow. I've only been too personal in that I write in the first person. --Now this Blackberry and's hazardous to your health: you could get an arthritic thumb!

  3. Honey is right...but if u tell him that he may just smile like a Cheshire

  4. The blog has fostered my creativity. I have a photography-poetry blog that I have spent a lot of time on. It is easier for me to fit that in with six kids. But I am itching to get back to drawing and painting! Coffee first thing, then when kids are off to school, I write poetry for about a half hour. Or draw. Then laundry, cleaning, ...

  5. Hi Margaret. For someone with six children your out-pour is awesome. Your persistence on that half hour is key.

    My painting sessions aren't always that long. There's drying time and other obligations (like the glass panel on the front door). I don't like long painting sessions.
    If I'm at it too long,my painter's eye tires and my judgement gets poor. I need to walk away to clear my head to keep the painting fresh.
    A good session lasts an hour and a half to two. A short one can be a minute when I notice something that must be done on my way to the freezer. The freezer is next to my studio. Those freezer minutes have been very productive--often the final touch.