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Sunday, January 2, 2011

On The Couch With Three Top Guys

About twenty minutes was all I could take being off my couch to sketch party hat,(right), yesterday. Knowing I wasn't up to par,in the AM, I poached some chicken for dinner, made some tuna fish for lunch and retired to the couch where I spent the rest of the day catching up on sleep and watching movies. I didn't get the urge to pick up a marker until nine. By then we were on our second movie about assasines.

The best of the two was The Road to Perdition with Tom Hanks and Paul Newman,(would you look at those eyes, could you just die),two of my favorite guys. The title told the story--the final destination of Tom, Michael Sullivan the hit man for the Irish mob, wasn't the town where his sister in-law lived, but a state of being--left without a soul and doomed to total damnation in hell. Excellent flick. First time I'd seen it straight through.

The American with George Clooney playing a hit man was a disappointment. The action was good, looking at him was good, but he was a bit stiff in the part and the ending sucked. I woke up this morning with an ending that would have helped. Instead of totally dying, cut the last seconds where we know he died back to where his bloody hand is just pressed against the windshield reaching for help from the gal he'd falled in love with. Then fade to black and the credits leaving the audience wondering did she save him or not? Could she save him? Throughout the movie he wanted out of the murder business, and was a sympathetic character. Why not involved the audience in the ending? Perhaps an outsider's view might be helpful in the screening room?

I love movies. But I think it was eerie that I ran into two movies about assassination the day after I had abused myself. Maybe they were a sign? Maybe I should refrain from killing myself by behaving like I was some sort of kid? Except for some cooking and a questionable sketch, my behavior cost me the day. Never got down to the studio--didn't want to go. My body needed rest and my cup refilling.

Resolution Two: Tuck that remorse. I had a great time--And when you over-do, keep drawing supplies within easy reach when you need to take it easy.


  1. You do spend your days with some very classy men! Art will wait. :-)

  2. Yes I did Bonnie. My recovery was delightful--and tomorrow, it will be back to business.