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Monday, January 3, 2011


Cancun Sunrise. The beginning of a day of fooling around poolside. Me with my camera and drawing supplies. Honey with the New York Times and USA Today. Anticipation, is the best part of a trip.

Down the beach, two hotels away, is the JW Marriot in Cancun. The infinity pool is there. And that's where Honey and I are headed a week from tomorrow. I don't think I'll be thinking art this week. I'm too excited. I've a ton of things to do--hair colored and cut,cleaners, buy a belt, put an end to the black bathing suit saga--finally decide which size fits best and send the rest back. If I do get down to the studio, I'll be surprised.

I should probably call the hotel ahead and tell them LWR is on the way. Warn the other guests. With my camera always in hand, folks should be on guard. I'm always snapping pictures for future drawings. This lady and her honey were so engrossed in a quiet chat under their umbrella, they never saw me coming. I was in the pool. Not many people take their cameras swimming. I do. I like to look for odd angles. At home I did this sketch, but never carried it through to a full drawing. But life isn't over yet.

Looking over my photo files this morning, I'm shocked at how few I took our last trip. It was in October, 2008. The trip was a lark, a run away from reality. When I got home I was scheduled to start chemotherapy and was scared and obviously not all together. I saved no drawings from that trip. I took no photos of the pools--which I collect. The two you see here I got off line from the JW Marriot site, but I've played them down to look more like the truth.

See the second umbrella on the right. That's where the unknown couple was napping after lunch. Honey and I were set up further to the right. I never took a picture of us. My enthusiasm was off kilter. This trip, I'm hyped and ready--well almost ready to go and snap away on this seventieth birthday celebration of mine. I'll think about that OMG-what-an-old-broad-I-am later, for now: What the hell to wear on the plane between 19 and 80 degrees? Always a problem with me. How about you?


  1. I'm smiling for you - what a happy 70th gift you'll have for yourself, snapping pools and people, enjoying the warmth, smiling a lot. Will look forward to future photos and future drawings and paintings :) I'm a January baby, too (they are the best kind).

  2. Thanks RH. I intend to do a lot better job drawing and photographing than I did last time.

    The JW Marriot is rough Susan, but I'm going to hang in there and try to make the best of it. LOL

  3. I remember when u did the Cancun posts!.. I bet u are anxious and excited.. Have the best of times there and think of us in not such nice weather!.

  4. Have a fabulous time. Bring back photos.