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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Little Art, A Little Woe

Greens away from finishing Summer Woods, I've been hunting for the best fall companion for my Four Seasons series. I've found four fall sketches to choose from plus the top photograph. The blue in the photo is how the scene photographed--and I like the gray tree structures with light highlights--a change from the dark structures in the other two paintings. I have to beef up the golds, tans and reds and gray down the blue. I definitely have to get rid of the green bush in the lower right corner. I thought I would rough in the canvas this week. Of the sketches I like the strength of the one on the left, top line. Line is what intrigues me the most--as you can see in the "The Buck Stopped Here" photo in the right column. It's the designer in me.

I had some bad news yesterday: our favorite restaurant in Cancun is really history. My son had told me so on Sunday, but I couldn't believe it. It was such a money-maker. It was the place to eat. It was in the New York Times. I checked it out on line. And sure enough La Dolci Vita is "temporarily closed." I'm devastated. There's nothing temporary about it. Some new owner is opening up a new spot called Spavio's--with a new venue. I liked the old. That's where I wanted to go for my birthday for the Francesca salad, the lobster ravioli and Mexican wine. In 2008, Honey eating on the balcony was one of the few pictures I took. Why is it that our favorite things fade away?

Off the top of my head I have lost: Fabergé Tigress Cologne; Paco Rabanne Calandra Cologne; Estee Lauder Blue Flame nail polish; the Cadillac Seville; Dutch Twin cookies--and Hydrox cookies; The Bijou, another dining experience; Kroger's Easy Peel Shrimp, 21 to 25 in a bag for nine bucks; straight leg jeans that come to the waist; and if I sit here long enough, the list would grow. Nothing mentioned is that dire to life, but they were pleasures that I enjoyed and made life fun. What have you lost?


  1. Not to sound mean, as far as your question, I think its because things are constantly changing.. and to be positive, something better usually comes around? tho some may argue that, but if one has had bad luck, then something has to get better right?

  2. I don't think so( and you never sound mean).
    In clothing, the fabrics aren't nearly as plush as they were; craftsmanship is poor. In colognes, everything smells Georgio-like, the most obnoxious perfume I've ever . whiffed. The STS didn't come close to the Cadillac Seville. The Seville had a distinctive style, then they changed the car and the name to STS and made it look like, but not drive like, a Lexus. Look what Ford did to the most gorgeous car design ever: the Jaguar as made in England. Rounded it out. Cheapened it up. One year did away with the hood ornament! And good restaurants are disappearing because they can't make it in this economy--or in the case of La Dolci Vita, I'm guessing the owner probably retired. I don't think things are changing for the better, I think demand is so great, quality is being traded in for cheaper. Products are being phased out or radically adjusted. Kroger has discontinued their Easy Peel uncooked shrimp because they can get more for the cooked shrimp--they're trying to force the customer to spend more. And I am, only I'm going to Hillers where the cooked shrimp are fresh and huge. so Kroger, instead of making money has lost all my business.

  3. i guess I wasn' thinking that way, tho I should. U are right.. Which reminds me when computers were brought in to the banking system.. since that happened so many problems, glitches, security breeches!. yeah.. I guess I was thinking more on a personal level.. A run of bad luck has bound to get better, right?..Just read where greedy BOFA is now regretting buying out Countrywide! lol..typical huh?

  4. I'm not talking about personal luck.We all make our own. I'm talking about little things--favorite products and favorite places--that made you happy and aren't around anymore. Another thing I thought about was pile lined, all weather pumps. They were terrific in our neck of the woods. Kept your feet warm and dry. Had rubber tread, a two and half inch heel and yet looked like a dress pump. Fantastic product.

  5. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for the paintings. Always your work amazes me with its strenght, lines and vivid colors. I love "The Buck Stopped Here." I feel like making it into a very soft watercolor in two colors or so.
    BTY, so sorry for the favorite restaurant. But please enjoy holidays with Honey!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  6. Sadami, Which of the drawing do you think says Fall best? I'm really looking for the future painting 3 in the woods series and wouldn't mind a little of your feedback. Thanks. I like the lines in Buck too.

  7. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for waiting!(I just came back from a state gallery. Late day, open till 9!).
    OK, my candid say, but please do NOT rely on it too much. My personal opinion shows only mere my taste(so, I cannot say which is the best). A final decision maker is you.

    My most "favourite" one is at the left side corner. A second favourite is at the left top, yes, me, too, love lines! A third..mmm…, which? Well, I dare to take one at the lower right corner that you will turn down. In case for a “contemporary art exhibition,” it may get through a selection.

    But your each work is very interesting. Strength/good points and weakness/deficits are, indeed, the both sides of a same coin. Judgement is always subjective.

    I’ll pass you wise advice from an experienced artist, “Listen to your heart and don’t think too much for picking up work.”

    Today, I had a look of the famous drawing competition. Few people seemed to follow judges’ criterion and not an artist’s business. Among artists, quite well known that check judges’ names and choose work to submit.
    Hope this will help you some.

    Kind regards, Sadami

  8. Thank you Sadami. I really appreciate your input. I lean toward the feeling of the sketch in the upper left corner too--the other three fall (LOL) short. That drawing was from that photo--hence the blue, but the photo is far from perfect (too blue)--it just suggests an interest color that isn't usually associated with the season.

    We artists all know we strive to get better with each painting and we do simply because we keep at it.
    But artists are really their own worst critic. As you say, we must be very kind to ourselves and just enjoy the ride.