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Friday, December 31, 2010

January One, One Success, One Resolution

January first, two thousand and eleven, a new year, a new congress, a new speaker, a new governor, new opportunities to succeed and fail. My new painting is looking like it may succeed. Summer Shade, 2010, 36" x 36" is the reason. While I think that painting missed the mark, it clued me in to going smaller for my Four Seasons Series. It was too big for a not so big subject--20 x 20 is more appropriate and more manageable.

Unfortunately, it won't get worked on today unless I magically recover from making a fool of myself last night. I'm drinking gallons of water for a slight headache. I took a swig of Maalox first thing for an upset stomach. And I'm icing my knee as a precautionary measure. After a day of painting and bopping to Bob Seger, I spent the night digging rock and roll music and dancing my socks off. All alone on the dance floor,(Honey doesn't dance), I moved to the tunes through couples who were a tad more reserved. In spite of some stares at the crazy lady who obviously had too much vino, I had a ball and woke up smiling.

There is one great thing about getting older: You don't mind making a fool of yourself. The louder the clock ticks, the more you think what the hell, go for it. I guess that's my first new years resolution.


  1. Its gorgeous! 4got to tell u my hubby's remedy was to take a tsp. of honey and a couple of tylenol before drinking the night away... he read it somewhere and he never had a hangover. he said the honey coats your stomach ..

  2. Now you tell me! I actually think I just had some "bad ice." But bad ice or not, I did have a good time and was glad I didn't cancel.

  3. I thought u were gonna be a good girl and just have a token drink! lol...u made it sound like the night was gonna be low key!.

  4. A great resolution. Happy New Year.

  5. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for lovely works, a great resolution and the familiar header. Please be kind to yourself:); never make a fool of yourself, which makes me sad. You're a lovely lady on the earth.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  6. Sadami, don't waste time being sad of me making a fool of myself. I am no fool. I do what I want when I want--and while some could think that what I did was foolish,I never do.