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Thursday, January 27, 2011

JW Marriott Cancun--So Where'd You Eat?


On the fourteenth floor of the JW, it was our kitchen, our dining room, and our living room where we met and chatted with folks from Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Arlington, VA, New York, St Pete's Beach, Kansas, Orlando... Honey and I have become home bodies--lazy. In the evenings, we don't like to get dressed up and trapse out for a big night on the town. After the beach,sun, volley ball fun, it was all I could do to put on some make-up, slip into my long black beach dress, step into my flip-flops and go down to the club where Honey had the champagne waiting and our friend Dick was in, what had come to be known to everybody, as Dick's chair.

But then we did have to see what had happened to our oldest haunt La Dolce Vita. Sadly,the owner had passed away since 2008 and the family had sold the spot that was a walk across the street from the JW. They bought another spot down the road a bit, and modernized the interior (they haven't done the exterior yet, but have plans to). It's called Savio's of La Dolce Vita and offers the best of the Dolce Vita's menu plus excellent Italian fare. We broke out of the hotel and went to lunch on the Nichupte Lagoon side of the hotel strip. Sitting closer to the water than you did in the old place, was delightful. I got my francesca insalada and mussels in wine broth. I also got to see the Lagoon in daylight and a close up view of the Cancun Queen,the dinner and dancing paddle boat that sails up the strip every night with dance music and lights blaring.


Harry's is across from the Ritz Carlton, our other favorite Marriott hotel in Cancun.
We heard about the restaurant in 2008, when we visited both hotels--one week at the JW, the second week at the Ritz. But never tried it. Then we heard about it at home from friends, so we made it a point to go--again in the afternoon. I do like to see the water while dining and at night it's too damn dark.

Harry's was expensive--but we did have a bottle of wine and we over ordered. The beet salad was huge (entre size),and I followed that with sashimi. Honey did the same. We were so stuffed, we skipped cappachino and dessert. But Harry's insisted we not go away without a sweet ending and served us my absolute favorite confection: cotton candy. If you go to Cancun, you must make an allowance for Harry's. the views of the lagoon from our table were lovely and if you have to wait in the bar; you are going to want to eat in the bar on a couch facing the waterfall.


We're saving those spots for some other time. But we did enjoy watching the advertisements sail by while we walked on the beach.

Before we left for Cancun and after we came home, people asked if the place was safe. It was safe. There was a shooting at a bar in town a year ago or so, but a year ago or so there was a shooting at a bar in Detroit, Philly, St. Louis, New York... Wherever you go in this world, you have to use your head and take precautions. In Cancun, Honey and I felt comfortable, secure and happy to be there. I hope the resort stays that way; they've been through enough with Wilma.


  1. U definitely KNOW where to stay.. The only time I stayed at a Marriott was in Century City.. A friend's son got married there..omg, our room was to die for... Robes, blow dryers, great food and the wedding reception was so much fun.... about a week later I gave birth to the third one... The same friend's grandson had his bar mitzvah there! my daughter who took my place came home w/a lot of gifts.

  2. It's a great hotel chain. We love both the JW and the Ritz Carleton in Cancun. Our friends stay at the Casamagna Marriott next door to the JW. It too has great restaurants, beautiful rooms and a wonderful pool area.
    It costs a little less than the JW--and the Ritz costs more than the JW. Of course all of that depends on when you go and how the economic tides are coming in and rolling out.

  3. BTW I like the second to last photo!. U definitely followed the rule of 3's.

  4. I do have a rule of three, but I didn't notice I had applied it until you pointed it out!