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Thursday, January 27, 2011

JW Marriott Cancun--Rain or Shine Good Time


are nonexistent--at least from the hotel. Cancun hotels face the Caribbean side of the strip of land that divides the sea from Nichupte Lagoon. Kukulcan Boulevard is the main drag between the two bodies of water. The tall hotels on the Carib side block the setting sun from view. To enjoy them you have go out the front of the hotel and find a spot in the entrance gardens, which are very lavish and beautiful, or cross Kukulcan and go for cocktails at a restaurant on the Lagoon side--like Harry's or Savio's, or Lorenzillos, or Senior Frog's--any place along the inland water base. From the JW the sunset is blocked. From the Ritz, the sunset is blocked. From the Melia--now renovated and called The Grand Melia--from the Hilton and from the Meridian,(all the places I've stayed), the sun disappears from the pool area around three thirty to four o'clock. This is all the sunset you're going to get if you're a pool/beach lover. We are. For us, three o-clock was water volley ball time. After a bottle of wine at lunch and passing out on the pool lounge for a short nap, Honey and I jumped in the pool to wake up, clear our heads and burn some calories. By four we were back in our rooms searching for a movie before the cocktail hour. Sunrise is Cancun. Sunrise is us.

Before I shut up about Cancun and get back to business, I have a few more photos I'd like to share. Like I said, I had my camera in hand more than my paint brush this trip.

And with that view from row 23 on Delta's flight 714 to DTW, Cancun 2011 is just a sweet memory. I'm totally back. This last week was a wonderful extension for me and I hope gave you a place to think about next time you're looking for R and R. In the wind and rain, we had a great time. In the sun, we had a great time. We just had a great time. But if you need guarantees on the weather, I'd go late February, March and April. It was windy at those times of year too, but any rain squall that passed through was like someone had moved the sprinkler.


  1. Sorry, my next vacation is already planned, March 12th - Egypt. Good choice, don't you think?

  2. Duh.... Egypt SHOULD be a riot.....I'll pass.