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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

JW Marriott Cancun 2011 Sketches


Hurricane Wilma, October 21st and 22nd, 2005 blew Cancun and its tourist business away. The huge storm with 250 MPH winds demolished the hotel strip on Kulkucan Boulevard and devastated the town. It reduced the expansive, beautiful beach to a few feet and took all the lovely palapas, the sand,the cushions, chairs and people's jobs away with it. We didn't go back till 2008. But my son and his family did--and came home with stories of streets strewn with shattered glass and debris, restaurants, shops and roads closed. The video on the link brought tears to my eyes, as I saw the damage again.

I saw what Wilma did to Cancun in 08, when we went back. The hotel had an album of photos that shocked, but all looked good again that year--except for the beaches. They were hardly there. In 2009 and 10, seventy million was poured into the shoreline building it back up to its former beauty. When Honey and I walked on the beach last week, I really appreciated every dime spent and every grain of sand that clung to my feet. Kids appreciated it too. I also appreciated people watching lying on the thick cushion on my lounge. They were new too. Honey chose the JW because they had cushions on the beach lounges and the club floor. Honey loves luxury. I love Honey for loving luxury. And we both are crazy about the JW just three and a half hours from home. We were thrilled to be back. And I was so busy enjoying the sights, our friends, swimming laps and playing water volley ball with Honey, sketching was not a priority--but I did manage to knock off a few:

Me sucking it in and mugging it up for the camera. The trick on vacation to looking okay, (remember the bathing suit?) is a large pair of sunglasses to cover the circles under your eyes and detract from the age spots creeping in. No one makes up Cancun poolside. No make-up is allowed. If you do gussy up to go to the beach--big flouncy hat, flowered flowing cover up and four inch high wedgies to elongate your legs then everybody knows this is your first time. You don't vacation much and you're not a veteran beach bum.

In 2008 I was in Cancun in between having my mastectomy and starting chemo. This trip I was celebrating my making it through all that to celebrate my 70th. I am one grateful chick.


  1. Girl, u r looking good!!. I love the drawing of the pool! the colors and swirly effect of the water... The ones before the photo of you are awesome...I've always loved pen and ink drawings the best- there's a lot of feeling in those..

  2. Thanks Chrissy. I thought that came out well too--maybe I should lighten up on my supplies the next time we go somewhere? Pen and paper makes packing simple--and the suitcase a lot lighter.

    I loved your topic yesterday. Your photo of that rose was magnificent.

  3. Dear Linda,
    Oh, you dared to make art works even in the wonderful holidays. They are nice. What a woman and artist! The post touches me. You're so caring for others. Also, this vacation is your triumph over the cancer. The photo looks great and happy. Still your spirit is high and young! Have a wonderful time with your Honey.
    Cheers, Sadami

  4. We did have a glorious time--this time not weighted down with worries over what was to come. I found the funnies drawings to be the thumbnails I did atop the suduko puzzel. No one seems to mind you looking at them repeatedly as you sketch them if it looks like you're doing something else--like Suduko. I also shot a lot of photos of folks doing their thing while playing around with my camera as if it was a Blackberry (which I'm still struggling to master) or as if it was giving me trouble. Unfortunately I'm reluctant to show those people photos here. I think releases would be in order. So I just sent them copies via e-mail. I met a lot of people that way. What about the people you draw? Do you get their permission to show those portraits on your blog?

  5. Dear Linda,
    Yes, I do get permission from my models--respect privacy and a person's rights.
    Some drawings do not show who's who--I upload them without permission.
    I already wrote about it in my how to make quicky series. Do you know? Caricatures are different. If you are interested in it, check (American)law.
    Kind regards,

  6. I have enjoyed your vacation posts! I love your artwork and the idea of no makeup and sunglasses. You look wonderful and happy. And I always LOVE pen & ink drawings - my favorite.

  7. Thank you Margaret. This trip colored markers and watercolors demanded too much time and effort. Finally I just chose my my pen. Last trip, my knee kept me grounded on the lounge so elaborate sketching was all I could do. --I prefer being in pen condition doing quickies. Thank you physical therapy. Time well spent.