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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

JW Marriott Cancun Sunrise...


I opened the drapes at six fifteen AM and detected a warm glow on the sea. I couldn't see what I was hoping to see from our "ocean view" balcony. So I grabbed my camera, threw on my warm-ups, hollered adiĆ³s to Honey and headed for the beach. I wanted this sunrise on film. Honey didn't bring any art supplies to amuse himself and he needed some sunshine in the great outdoors. I truly hoped this was the day he was going to get it.I hoped it would be a day I could paint by the pool.

Warm temps greeted me as I greeted the sun laughing. The winds were down. The day was going to be the kind we had in mind--and my workout pants were too hot. I was overdressed.


I wasn't overdressed yesterday. I was bundled up just right for sixteen degrees, snow and slush. I shot this photo through the car window as Honey and I came home from work. The colorless drabness of the scene made Cancun's January rain clouds a fond memory and the resort's rising sun on the third day, pure exhilaration.


  1. Gorgeous shots! even the last one!...I like the night shot of the pools in your slideshow..

  2. Thanks Chrissy. My little camera was in my hand more than a paint brush on this trip. I love photography as much as I love painting--maybe more? It's less messy, less involved and goes everywhere.

  3. ...that last photo of winter is like a slap in the face!